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Synonyms for rebelliousness

intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude

an insubordinate act

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At the level of every day life, people would probably save more money, uproot their families less often, and spend less time at tanning salons and EST weekends, Intellectuals and artists could devote the efforts now expended on rebelliousness to something else.
And despite her advancing years, she has revealed a spark of rebelliousness when she admitted she might get a tattoo for her birthday.
Yet as much as you can be conventional when required, it may be hard to keep under wraps all of your opinions this week when a degree of rebelliousness can creep out.
Their younger sister, Claire (Lauren Ambrose), seems something of a family afterthought, and she responds in kind, indulging in such quirky rebelliousness as driving a lime-green hearse and swiping loose body parts from the mortuary.
However, he thinks Caroline's alleged behaviour might well be an act of rebelliousness against her weleeled background.
It's not that avant-garde art is by definition incapable of moving beyond an adolescent attitude; its inherent rebelliousness and desire for novelty may make it prone to a sort of regression, but artists can turn this symptom to creative, critical purpose--can use it to invent a new sense of self, and of art.
These factors included movie viewing and marketing; the home environment; peer behaviour; and personal rebelliousness.
This rebelliousness could go all the way to behaving on the margins of what others find is acceptable.
He takes solace in his good pals Bruce (Tom Hughes) and Snork (Jack Doolan), and the trio have fun bringing a little bit of rebelliousness to their fading surroundings.
Nevertheless, the 49-year-old musician maintains her rebelliousness.
Chelsea players then in an act of rebelliousness organised a special lunchtime party for Anelka.
It all began in the 1880s when abysmal harvests, cheap imports, price slumps, high rents, unpopular tithes and a mood of rural desperation fuelled by Irish rebelliousness gave rise to "the land question".
He looked for adventure, he took on every challenge, he went off to the Boer War, was taken prisoner, escaped -that rebelliousness attracted me.
Ditto for Cahill's larger-than-life personality, magnificently played by Brendan Gleeson as a complex mixture of wayward genius, irrepressible rebelliousness, humor, savagery, devotion and vulnerability.
According to researchers, rock is associated with social awareness and rebelliousness while pop is linked to values about gender roles and conformity.