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in a rebellious manner

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Ijdpez, Keynote Address--Living and Lawyering Rebelliously, 73 Fordiiam L.
Enitan resists her mother's efforts (the narrative voice implying her naivete), rebelliously announcing that "Kitchen work was ugly" (20); "when I was older I would starve myself so I wouldn't have to cook.
In reference to The Little Mermaid, critic Roger Ebert said that Ariel is a fully realized female character who thinks and acts independently, even rebelliously, instead of hanging around passively while the fates decide her destiny'.
Summary: I don't think it's that we rebelliously choose to ignore the advice and pin shut our eyes.
Taking center stage, the dynamic, unexpected form inserts itself rebelliously and with authority but in a somehow subtle way.
He is also a fool --he has a blind faith in the Russian legal system, and rebelliously ignores the established structures of authority.
In A Yankee Saint (1935), Robert Allerton Parker claimed that "amongst themselves, the young men spoke rebelliously of the old men who took advantage of the regime of stirpiculture to select the younger women as the mothers of their children.
However, VCs are also rebelliously investing for long-term cure and care macro-trends, as they invest in biotechnologies that underlie the possibilities of personalized medicine.
The textual issues latent in the Carmen ad Astralabium and the Planctus reveal, I think, a brilliant mind restlessly and rebelliously grappling with the larger questions of life who refuses to adhere to established categories and who resists the pull of convention and tradition.
He became "a man who lived a life of fire," and what he rebelliously produced while being consumed by it is undying.
At the Royal Academy of Music (1953-57) he turned, rebelliously, to European serialism.
Once the dangers of the meat industry become clearer to her, she rebelliously decides to give Joichi exactly what he asks for, making meat the message.
He rebelliously challenges his father to justify his
For the girl-child to grow up, she builds up from the inside rebelliously in order to transcend her gender limitations because of her desire for freedom, self-fulfilment and dignity on the one hand and attaining her goals as an individual on the other.
The sea was unwilling to be parted, since the Israelites were acting rebelliously.