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serving or tending to repel

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Oh, there were plenty of rebarbative things on view: you could tell that the curators had worked overtime to pique the jaded palates of a public surfeited on "challenging" art.
This sculpture's increasingly pungent assault on the nostrils of a packed opening-night crowd was as discomfiting and rebarbative as O'Neill's third work, No, 2001, a small neon sign in which the "no" of NO VACANCIES switched on and off repeatedly.
Take a look at Barney's rebarbative performance pieces; then ponder what the chief art critic for our paper of record wrote.
Invention is not necessarily the same as creativeness, and the rebarbative urgency of Baselitz's greatest work is missing.
It is not just the style of Empire that is rebarbative.
A particularly rebarbative model, but not one Daniels really attempts to emulate: There seems to be, across his work, an insistence, "sincere" if divided by doubt, on the value and viability of the singular image, the auratic object, the enterprise of the Artist.
Despite Winters's rebarbative tone, Monroe continued to correspond with him and kept his poems and essays appearing in her pages.
It was a wasteland, the graveyard of industry, and it possessed some kind of spectral, rebarbative beauty I couldn't quite put my finger on.
John Carey, recently made Professor of English at Oxford, she described as lively and hard-working (always a virtue with Iris), though somewhat rebarbative and known as Frosty John.
The myth of Cezanne is that the violence evident in the rebarbative paintings in the first room of the exhibition disappeared once he began his steady, patient exploration of the observed world in the 1870s.
Acknowledging that he did not like Mapplethorpe's rebarbative photographs, the juror nonetheless concluded that "if people say it's art, then I have to go along with it.
Without David Salle's rebarbative imagery or Barbara Kruger's verbal provocations, Bleckner creates a screen on which can readily be projected many broader cultural concerns.
Wherever one turns, it seems, the rebarbative competes with the deadeningly simple-minded for one's attention.
The sad truth is that the contemporary art world, so largely given over as it is to various rebarbative political trends, is all but barren of aesthetic interest.
La nouvelle conception de la region, sans vouloir etre ni regionaliste ni rebarbative, tentera d'abord de federer les eparpillements, repenser les coherences et activer les emulations.