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serving or tending to repel

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Rather than the relatively cordial tone of the public session--which closed with McCarthy infamously winking at what was long taken to be a disappointingly compliant Hughes--the closed session transcript reveals a much more rebarbative and antagonistic encounter.
Or, dans leur majorite, ces experts sont ignorants de l'histoire locale, des langues et cultures concernees; ils ne consultent pas l'importante litterature existante qu'ils jugent tres rebarbative.
Naipaul's racism, conservatism and catastrophism are rebarbative, but his extremism may serve as a useful foil for enquiring about visions of the future in contemporary Africa, at a moment which sees the various societies of the continent undergoing social, economic and political transformations whose magnitude can probably only be compared with the irruption of European colonization.
He considered Cowling's "style rebarbative and his ideas sometimes perverse" but accepted the offer anyway.
And if more proof be needed of the rebarbative, resistant spirit of the earlier period, then it is found in David Stevenson's essay which presents a new case for William Drummond of Hawthornden's authorship of Polemo-Middinia, a riotous poem full of carnivalesque subversions of geographical, bodily, and linguistic borderlines.
Emin made multiple appearances in New York this summer--she presented a show of ninety-six works spanning both of Lehmann Maupin's spaces, and mounted a public project in SoHo organized in collaboration with the gallery, White Cube in London, and the Art Production Fund--and the visit found the prolific artist in autumnal humor, her familiar expressions of mordant self-ablation shot through with not just the usual dose of regret, but also a creeping, vaguely valedictory wistfulness that leavened their rebarbative affect.
A risible publicity blurb invokes Xenakis and Prince but none of the nine works on this disc resemble either the Greek's rebarbative doodling or the yearning eroticism of Minneapolis's pop poseur.
Lawrence complains, in a no less rebarbative version of the Foreword written in 1922 (SCAL 12, 389).
An amiable comedy about young Glaswegian rough-necks discovering the world of whisky, "The Angels' Share" finds helmer Ken Loach and long-term screenwriting partner Paul Laverty in better, breezier form than their rebarbative prior effort, "Route Irish.
This political term, "transcend," has been, "so swathed in rebarbative academic jargon," that very few citizens of the EU are aware of its meaning.
the archaic social order and the rebarbative political discourse, Khair-Eddine sets out to dig up its foundations.
The marooned sailor is a readymade symbol, fittingly Western, for a pervasive sense of infra-social exile, of shipwreck amid the rebarbative and alien reality of the postmodern social order.
The 1961 manuscript reveals its author to be a far more rebarbative, fractious, and generally unpleasant man than hitherto conceived.
This method works rather well as a way of communicating difficult and potentially rebarbative ideas, while the footnotes clearly distinguish the history from the fiction.