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  • verb

Synonyms for reawaken

to rouse from a state of inactivity or quiescence

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awaken once again

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In 1820, with the advent of Mohammed Ali, it began to reawaken, and became a model of cosmopolitanism of which many still regret the passing.
In this article, I seek to explore this hallowed relationship in light of how both practitioner and patient may reawaken, explore, and deepen their understanding of it and employ it to its true maximum potential for healing and the love of self and other.
26, the one point I kept hearing was how senior year needs to reawaken the spirit and curiosity of students.
De Chirico, we know, was a fan, untethering Bocklin's flight from the material world; and Ernst, too, could reawaken the strangeness of Bocklin's mythical figures in Germanic forests.
The authors help to reawaken an awareness of this potential within prayer and invite the reader to pursue it.
Sullivan, Give Wings to Your Dreams: Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for Life is a self-help guide to transforming one's life.
He said: "I would encourage anybody who worked at the site to buy this DVD as it will reawaken memories and reinvigorate pride.
Muslims took notice after Jews began protesting against the film, fearing it would reawaken questions about alleged Jewish responsibility for Jesus's death.
The time is short; it is time to reawaken consciences and the decision of faith.
3) Another run for pizza brand Freschetta's Reawaken your Senses ad breaks on Sunday (February 3) for four weeks.
ONE-TIME Waterford idol Jimmy McGeough is aiming to reawaken one of the sleeping giants of Irish football, writes HUGH O'REILLY
Like a great movie you've seen several times too many, if Warhol's issues feel tired, it's because they've so infected our style bloodstream--you try to reawaken them by appreciating details.
Finally, she stops attending church and turns to solitude to reawaken her spirit.
I specifically seek to explore how Wilson's plays function as a cultural trope that foregrounds the marginalization of African Americans in order to reawaken cultural consciousness.
much better to get out and about, whether it's a heart-to-heart chat with a few friends or a walk in a local park to reawaken an interest in the great outdoors.