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Pro forma for these transactions and assuming QVC repays debt with the full $329 million of cash included as part of Liberty Ventures' reattribution to Liberty, Fitch estimates QVC's gross leverage at 2.
Associated with positive psychology today are mindfulness training and reattribution.
One of the most important truths that child ego state needs to hear and accept from the adult ego state is a reattribution of responsibility.
Mais cette utilisation du mot << transgenre >> est trompeuse car il est aussi utilise pour designer des personnes qui sont dans une dynamique tres differente de celles des personnes transsexuelles, a savoir celle de personnes qui n'entreprennent pas (et ne veulent surtout pas entreprendre) d'operation de reattribution de sexe (Eribon 472).
The final portion of AAT brings these compartmentalized beliefs into awareness simultaneously, leading to the key reattribution where the client truly understands, and believes, that the abuse was not their fault (removing self-blame), and that it was completely the fault of the sex offender (increasing offender-blame).
The recent reattribution to Jane of substantial known letters to her brother-in-law William Hamilton, Earl of Lanark, and a review of existing evidence by the author reveals the crucial part she played in supporting Charles I.
As part of the so-called reattribution process they are getting cash windfalls of between pounds 214 and pounds 1,230 in exchange for surrendering their rights to any future redistribution of the surplus assets that have built up in the group's withprofits funds.
The Norwich Union owner improved after it announced a new reattribution offer to a million policyholders in two with-profits funds.
Yet texts, through the attribution and reattribution of value, continue to shape the field, although they may shape the field differently at different times.
The independent policyholder advocate, Clare Spottiswoode, said Norwich Union had opened discussions with her about how to keep the prospect of a reattribution offer alive.
The above attribution rules all can be used to provide reattribution to another owner, except that stock attributed under the family attribution rules is not reattributed.
13 (collection title: II pastor fido) were originally numbered RV 54-59, but because of reattribution they are now designated RV Anhang 95.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy knows at least 50 different therapeutic techniques or intervention strategies, for example (cue) exposure, confrontation, imagination techniques, cognitive reattribution, (covert) conditioning, self-intruction, stimulus control, self-assertiveness, stress inoculation, coping strategies, attention training and so forth.
Especially noteworthy is Tafuri's controversial reattribution of the design of Charles V's palace in Granada to Giulio Romano.