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restoring confidence and relieving anxiety

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It said: "It is worth noting the welfare desk kept the flow of facts moving and secured a number of strong, reassuring headlines.
DEFENDANTS' DEFENSE: Overall, the fetal heart-rate tracings were reassuring.
Written in reassuring rhyme and expressively illustrated with shadowy pictures of Baby Lady's imagined night creatures, "Baby Lady's Scary Night" is brightly lit with hopeful stars and the kind face and shining eyes of Mama Lady, who comes faithfully stumbling awake when Baby Lady cries because of her fear or strange shapes in the darkness of her room.
The MERS situation is reassuring and it has not reached the level of an epidemic," he said.
Al-Rabiah stressed that the rates of Coronavirus "MERS" is still reassuring and the number of cases generally is still low.
Summary: A health survey of local and refugee youngsters has produced reassuring results, according to caretaker Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil, as the ministry seeks to combat the spread of infectious diseases.
The tracings thus obtained were classified as reassuring & non-reassuring fetal heart rate patterns.
Today, Tunisia's image is not reassuring," indicated political and former minister Ahmed Mestiri after his meeting with President Marzouki, holding all the political class, particularly ruling parties, responsible for what is happening in the country.
For most people, it would be reassuring," she said.
The results were thankfully reassuring," the agency quoted Sheikh Ali Jarrah al-Sabah, a deputy court minister, as saying.
IN the New Year, the team will run Operation Hay with the Safer Birmingham Partnership, providing a reassuring presence for school pupils who could be more vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime.
On Friday, the finance ministers of the five biggest nations in the European Union (EU) issued a release reassuring bond holders that they would be repaid if Ireland chose to ask for a bail-out.
Washington, June 23 (ANI): A new study has revealed that reassuring your kids when they are about to undergo a painful medical procedure might just increase their fear and pain.
It is reassuring that they are carrying out operations like this, especially as Christmas approaches when the stations are extra busy.
IT is both worrying and yet at the same time reassuring to see so much information and advice on swine flu.