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Synonyms for reassure



Synonyms for reassure

give or restore confidence in

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He added: "Figures for the first two-week period have shown a reduction of 25% since Operation Reassure began.
The trick for auctioneers, research suggests, is to find ways to reassure bidders about the true value of online goods so as to spur them to duke it out more competitively.
Today embarrassed bosses were forced to reassure customers that the stores, in The Three Spires Shopping Centre in Lichfield and the Mander Centre in Wolverhampton, are staying put.
The health visitor has tried to reassure me even more, by saying that a lot of babies are `sicky' like this, especially when they are getting used to new items in their diet.
hubs as part of a campaign to reassure passengers and employees.
On Christmas Eve, a CCTV security camera was installed opposite Mrs Leyshon's house to reassure residents.
The Jamaican High Commissioner came to Birmingham yesterday to reassure the city's West Indian community that the recent violence which has marred the Caribbean country would be brought under control.
Andy Stokes, passenger transport manager, said: "We are anxious to reassure bus passengers in this part of Atherstone that their service will continue.
Visa's commercial, titled "Nervous," uses Jacobellis to reassure consumers about the important security features of the Visa Check Card, specifically Zero Liability, which protects cardholders from fraudulent purchases in the event of loss or theft.
Mr Schroeder, on his first foreign trip since defeating Mr Helmut Kohl's Christian Democrats in the German election on Sunday, was in Paris for the day to reassure the French that the romance was still alive in their relationship.
The companies tried to reassure consumers that there was no need to stockpile gasoline.
But hospital chiefs at Walsgrave NHS Trust have been able to reassure mums-to-be that a midwife will be present throughout their labour.
He said his comments to student teachers were intended to reassure his questioner who he thought was in some kind of trouble, and they were not his true views.