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Synonyms for reassure



Synonyms for reassure

give or restore confidence in

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Perhaps I might find something to say which would reassure her.
Even the sight of her in the pasture contentedly suckling the remaining nine did not reassure him.
It was for me now to hurry on as fast as possible, and so to reassure them.
The papers, that should have gone west to reassure our friends and give them the plans for repelling the invasion, would in a few hours have been in the hands of the invader.
Oh, it doesn't really matter," began Flambeau, but the man turned to reassure him.
Angel began to comfort and reassure her, thinking to himself, truly enough, what a creature of moods she was, and how careful he would have to be of her when she depended for her happiness entirely on him.
I saw that she was upon the verge of a breakdown, after all that she must have passed through of fear and horror that day, and I tried to quiet and reassure her as best I might; but even to me the future looked most unpromising, for what chance of life had we against the frightful hunters of the night who even now were prowling closer to us?
One careless sniff had satisfied his mate, and she trotted on to reassure him.
I know men club them," I said, trying to reassure myself, and gazing doubtfully at a large bull, not thirty feet away, upreared on his fore-flippers and regarding me intently.
er - conditions of which you, Duchess, are aware, he showed alarm, and I had all that I could do to reassure him.
West Midlands deputy police and crime commissioner Coun Yvonne Mosquito said more officers were on the beat to reassure communities in Erdington and Hockley.
Baby Lady's Scary Night" is a wonderful bedtime story ritual experience that will warm and reassure young children's bedtime fears.
Miss Tate said: "The ICO are not concerned, and I would like to reassure the drive is password protected and encrypted.
On Thursday King Abdullah visited the Red Sea city and commercial hub in a bid to reassure the public amid fears the virus had mutated to make it more transmissible from person to person.
For the 25 million Americans who experience incontinence, Reassure is offering a form of security for those social situations when comfortable, absorbent and above all, quiet, protection is essential.