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Daughtry observed, sparing a moment to pat reassurance on the big puppy's head and being rewarded with a caressing lick on his hand from the puppy's blissful tongue.
Suddenly I heard the voice of my poor husband in exclamations of astonishment, with that of my son in reassurance and dissuasion; and there by the shadow of a group of trees they stood--near, so near
But a greater grief than the loss of the launch could have engendered in me, filled my heart--a sullen, gnawing misery which I tried to deny--which I refused to admit--but which persisted in obsessing me until my heart rose and filled my throat, and I could not speak when I would have uttered words of reassurance to my companions.
That will come," was the consoling reassurance given him by Golenishtchev, in whose view Vronsky had both talent, and what was most important, culture, giving him a wider outlook on art.
But there was no sign of him on the promenade deck, and none below in the saloon; the smoking-room was empty but for a little German with a red moustache twisted into his eyes; nor was Raffles in his own cabin, whither I inquired my way in desperation, but where the sight of his own name on the baggage was certainly a further reassurance.
They constantly seek information and reassurance for example, obsessively researching illnesses on the internet, visiting their GPs frequently and having tests that don't find any problems.
Through research with teens, Clearasil found that often it's just the reassurance that it gets better that helps teens feel more confident.
THE leader of Carmarthenshire Council has welcomed the reassurance from S4C that the planned move to Carmarthen will still go ahead.
Reassurance viability of the administrative organization of the partner;
FIRE crews will visit more than 300 homes as part of a reassurance campaign after a house fire in Mossley Hill.
Le Centre africain des risques catastrophiques et la Societe centrale de reassurance organisent du 29 au 31 janvier 2014 a Marrakech le congres international sur l'assurance et la reassurance des risques agricoles.
The doctors, primary care physicians in Baltimore, said less things to these patients to convey "empathy, legitimation, concern, reassurance, partnership, and self-disclosure" during the course of a patient visit.
Britain's FTSE 100 gained on Friday, with central bankers offering some reassurance that stimulus will stay for a while yet, and some investors seeing value after the market's steepest fall in a year the previous day.
Reassurance helps provide guidance and support to assignees with elderly or less able dependents in the UK whilst they are overseas.
NATO Reassurance and Nuclear Reductions: Creating the Conditions