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to occupy or take again

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An official told the Reuters news agency the president would reassume presidential powers on his return.
Finally he addresses questions concerning the incorporation of states' interests into the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, the expansion of the definition of refugee, the problem of dilution of the refugee status under the Convention, and enabling states to reassume responsibility for refugees.
75, who stepped down in 2002, will reassume his role as chief executive while a search committee looks for a successor.
To do so, however, Huppert had in fact been constrained, not to assume a variety of aspects but rather to revisit and reassume temporally distant ones constitutive of roles played in the past, locating the concomitant sets of physical reflexes in her muscular memory as might an athlete or a musician.
At Jackie Robinson Park, the new staffing will let the county reassume responsibility for athletic programs that were taken over by the park foundation because of past years' budget cuts.
Eugster will have an equity investment in the retailer and is expected to reassume the post of chairman of the board when the acquisition closes.
Still another body of research has tended to emphasize that any gains that women have in the absence of their husbands are temporary at best and that when men return they reassume the roles they had prior to departure.
Johnson will now reassume his role as senior vice president and controller.
Maybe--just maybe--it's time for the profession to reassume its legitimate responsibility for assessing customer need--but to do so in concert with customers themselves.
The 66-year-old Toda, who has been undergoing treatment for a tumor since April, will remain president, and will reassume the post of COO when he recovers from his illness, the company said.
We are talking about having families reassume the rights that have been taken away from them.
Nobel laureate Jose Ramos Horta on Monday acceded to unanimous requests and resigned from East Timor's interim legislature to reassume his previous post as minister of foreign affairs.
She is expected to announce the withdrawal and reassume the Congress presidency Tuesday during a party meeting in New Delhi, the report said.
The Court ordered LTV to reassume responsibility for its pension plan, thereby relieving the Pension Beenfit Guaranty Corporation, but left it up to the bankruptcy court to set priorities for the company's obligations.