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Synonyms for reassign

transfer somebody to a different position or location of work

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An LLC is formed under state law, and the IRS looks to what has happened under state law in determining whether it may reassign the historic EIN of a corporation to a newly formed LLC.
Upon a mentor's retirement, the career counselor will reassign the retiring officer's proteges to other mentors.
Commanders "took steps to reassign black servicemen" because African American soldiers collectively resisted Washington's plans to make them the expendable casualties of Vietnam.
Voting to reassign Pino, and then to fire him, were board members Horace Lucero, Levi Alcon Jr.
com planned to reassign the lease to Radical Media, which would pay $350,000 for the lease and the telephone system and another $150,000 for reimbursement of Boo.
One solution to this conundrum may be to reassign a soul brother to a position that again makes maximum use of his skills.
Beck plans to reassign officers to fill crucial positions, including 200 officers to be sent back to patrol.
What everyone has learned beyond a doubt in the last few months is that despite a decade of promises and reassurances, bishops still do in fact reassign these men and cover for them.
In emphatic language, the judge ruled "the hospital must reassign the nurse's patients to another nurse and the reassigned patients must not cause the relieving nurse's patients to exceed the applicable ratios set forth in the regulation.
The third decree [to reassign governors] in one year] shows how unflinching they [government] are in this matter.
Other schools might have to reassign teachers or administrators if their numbers drop too low.