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assembling again

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Part 4: Dismantling, preparing for transportation, transportation and reassembly and commissioning cryostat with superconducting magnets in the Department of Solid State Physics manufactured by Oxford Instruments Nanoscience.
Despite the obstacles posed by the contractor's idiosyncrasies, the museum has nearly finished reassembly of the 1,700-SF Bachman Wilson House.
The labor hours and skill level required for disassembly and reassembly to replace basic components, plus the cost of those components, will determine the true ease of maintenance for a hot-manifold system.
rigid construction and quick removal and reassembly.
ESVs included some or all of the following integrated activities: disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair, replacement, reassembly and testing.
Together, the reassembly and the new map have generated a more accurate picture of genes in the cluster.
Just a mile or so from this office, a used hot rolling mill is being dismantled and shipped to Shenyang, China, for reassembly.
A particular advantage of exonuclease-mediated reassembly methods is the ability to reassemble nucleic acid strands that would otherwise be problematic to chimerize.
A single C-5 aircraft can carry six Apaches, their flight crews, reassembly technicians and their tools.
Last year's cars were kept by their sponsors and will be taken apart for reassembly by the new teams, organizers said.
DNA reassembly after the caspases tear it apart should result in many gene mutations.
Anthroposomething shows a jumble of organic forms that appear to be awaiting reassembly into structural coherence.
They will be able to experiment with digital drawing techniques such as scanning, making computergenerated lines and patterns, or fragmentation and reassembly.
This reassembly then enabled the authors to attempt an explanation of the deeper meaning of the library's decoration that Zellotti's learned Benedictine patrons had devised for him to give pictorial form.
Provides complete visibility to all signaling with 3G deciphering and RLC/MAC reassembly features;