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Synonyms for reasonably

to a moderately sufficient extent or degree

with good sense or in a reasonable or intelligent manner

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Foreigners, as well as the citizens of America, could then reasonably repose confidence in its engagements; but to depend upon a government that must itself depend upon thirteen other governments for the means of fulfilling its contracts, when once its situation is clearly understood, would require a degree of credulity not often to be met with in the pecuniary transactions of mankind, and little reconcilable with the usual sharp-sightedness of avarice.
So that we might reasonably pray 'give us this day our daily bread,' because many of the causes that produce bread are under Man's control.
Frederica was therefore fixed in the family of her uncle and aunt till such time as Reginald De Courcy could be talked, flattered, and finessed into an affection for her which, allowing leisure for the conquest of his attachment to her mother, for his abjuring all future attachments, and detesting the sex, might be reasonably looked for in the course of a twelvemonth.
The papers collected here under the name of 'My Literary Passions' were printed serially in a periodical of such vast circulation that they might well have been supposed to have found there all the acceptance that could be reasonably hoped for them.
Now, however preposterous it may at first seem to talk of any creature's skin as being of that sort of consistence and thickness, yet in point of fact these are no arguments against such a presumption; because you cannot raise any other dense enveloping layer from the whale's body but that same blubber; and the outermost enveloping layer of any animal, if reasonably dense, what can that be but the skin?
He paid her only the compliment of attention; and she felt a respect for him on the occasion, which the others had reasonably forfeited by their shameless want of taste.
The most sanguine advocates for three or four confederacies cannot reasonably suppose that they would long remain exactly on an equal footing in point of strength, even if it was possible to form them so at first; but, admitting that to be practicable, yet what human contrivance can secure the continuance of such equality?
Slowly and carefully, therefore, I gained my feet, only to see that my watcher did the same; cautiously I advanced toward him, finding that by moving with a shuffling gait I could retain my balance as well as make reasonably rapid progress.
At some future day, in all probability, the rich harvest of beaver fur, which may be reasonably anticipated in such a spot, will tempt adventurers to reduce all this doubtful region to the palpable certainty of a beaten track.
I understand Chris still wants to keep the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car slot.
In 2011 inspectors found it to be a safe and decent prison that provided reasonably good work, training and education and some solid resettlement support.
Auto Business News-July 1, 2013--Top Gear ranks Vauxhall Astra new reasonably priced car(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) has said that the economy of Peru is reasonably strong.
I feel I performed reasonably well in helping England to get to the semi-final stage of the Champions Trophy, but obviously I've been overlooked.
The two deputies) reasonably suspected appellant's car was not properly licensed after they 'ran' the license plate and found it was not found in the records of the DMV.