reasonable care

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the care that a reasonable man would exercise under the circumstances

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Ultimately, consumers are less interested in whether a service was conducted with reasonable care and skill than whether it achieved the stated result.
31) Although many courts have abandoned the tripartite system, most still recognize a landowner's right to exclude trespassers and, implicit in this right, a forfeiture of the duty of reasonable care to trespassers.
HMRC officers do not automatically accept explanations such as 'I took reasonable care because I took advice from my accountant.
Groh's parents, acting as her representatives, filed suit against the Westin and others, alleging that the Westin and its employees owed a duty to use reasonable care when evicting Ms.
He said that the accused was under a legal obligation to take reasonable care and skill in administering treatment to Morris.
The deliberately careless will remain so, but the vast majority of businesses either do, or believe they do, take reasonable care.
The duty to exercise reasonable care involves safety
Summary: A head teacher has been found guilty of failing to take reasonable care for the safety of his students after a pupil fell from a roof.
CONTENTS I Introduction II The Uniform Penalty System A Overview of Part 4-25 B Subdivision 284-B--Former Shortfall Penalties C Subdivision 286-C--Failing to Lodge Documents on Time III Safe Harbour Provisions IV Issues with the Safe Harbours A Distinctions between Taxpayers--Whether or Not a Tax Agent Is Engaged B Distinctions between Taxpayers--When a Taxpayer Also Fails to Take Reasonable Care C Interpretive Issue--When a Taxpayer Fails to Take Reasonable Care, Is Reckless or Has Intentional Disregard D Evidentiary Onus E Too Narrow a Harbour?
The legal duty owed by doctors to their patients is that of reasonable care, defined as that level of care expected of the reasonably competent doctor--that is, a professional standard, not that of a reasonably prudent layperson, the latter being the standard used in negligence actions.
The Newmarket trainer was also found in breach for failing to record that ACP pills had been given to three other horses between January 26 and February 4 this year, but Kenny was cleared of failing to conduct his business of training with reasonable care.
A lifeguard has been fined pounds 200 for failing to take reasonable care of a man who drowned at a university swimming pool, the Health and Safety Executive said.
Supreme Court, an employer may shield itself from such liability and prevail on an employee's harassment claim if the employer demonstrates that the employer had exercised reasonable care to avoid harassment and to eliminate it when it might occur and the employee failed to act with reasonable care to take advantage of the employer's safeguards and otherwise prevent harm that could have been avoided.
This work should be carried out with reasonable care and skill, for a reasonable charge.
Under Farragher/Ellerth, two requirements must be met: (1) the employer must show that he or she exercised reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct the harassing or discriminatory behavior, and (2) the employer must show that the employee unreasonably failed to take advantage of the preventive or corrective opportunities provided.