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Synonyms for rearmost

bringing up the rear

Synonyms for rearmost

located farthest to the rear

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As for boot space, well there's 330-litres on offer with all seven seats in use - which isn't too bad - but with the second row slid right forward and the third row rearmost chairs folded, there's a class-leading 775-litres of fresh air available, with up to 2035-litres on offer should you further fold down the second row.
Slid fully forward, there isn't much legroom in the middle row but it enhances comfort levels in the rearmost seats considerably, to the point where adults could actually travel in them.
In addition to its long wheelbase, placing rear seats at the rearmost possible position helped create legroom for rear seat occupants as spacious as that of the Accord Hybrid.
With the back seats in their rearmost position (they slide to maximise boot room when needed), there's enough leg stretching space for a quartet of big men to relax on seats set high for a fine view outside.
What name is given to the rearmost mast of a three-masted ship?
Even the rearmost seats, the rearmost seats, E the domain of the kids in most MPVs, can accomodate Adults in relative comfort.
Boot capacity has been increased by 76 litres to 500 litres with the back seats at their rearmost position and, if you move the seats forward, capacity stretches to 590 litres.
Renault says that the new Twingo's styling was influenced by the old Renault 5, which if you look at the car's rearmost pillar you can see.
8-foot-long Enclave, as the flat-cushioned, rearmost seats offer an impressive 37.
The luggage area features tie-down points for larger items of luggage and a hidden compartment under the rearmost section of boot floor.
It is also hugely practical with the rearmost seats folding away neatly to open up 663 litres, which can open up again to a huge 1,789 litres with the second row folded.
For the next 100 miles, no one notices that dear ol' Dad ain't snoring in the rearmost seat anymore.
In tightly packed car parks the sliding doors are easily opened and provide good access to the middle and rearmost seats.
The rearmost seats fold away flat at the pull of a lever for an unencumbered load bay.
As everyone knows the molar teeth are the rearmost and the most complicated kind of tooth as they are used to grind food.