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the act of arming again

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In fact, MacArthur ordered the rearmament of Japan in response to the Korean War.
NAQOURA, Lebanon: The situation along the Lebanese southern border with Israel is calm and maintained, as no signs of rearmament have emerged in the areas operated by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, a UNIFIL spokesperson told The Daily Star Monday.
In 2015, Russian Airborne Forces began a planned rearmament of units supplied with combat vehicles.
In the name of appeasement we temporised with rearmament during the 1930s which left us in a weak position in 1939.
Russia has lately been striving to increase the number of professional soldiers in the military as part of Putin's wide-ranging military modernization and rearmament program.
It's been a harrowing ride for Jessie Close, and not just because of her famous sister, or a father who served as personal physician to an African leader, or a family that was swallowed up by a movement known as Moral Rearmament (MRA), whose "Up with People" image hid a darker side that estranged her from her parents.
Short of invading we could do nothing to prevent German rearmament.
The French were seen as having been forced to swallow the rehabilitation and rearmament of Germany in the 1950s despite their misgivings.
Many claim that the introduction of these charges were made to offset the costs of rearmament for the Korean War, not the health budget, and this led to Bevan's resignation from the Cabinet in April 1951.
It was this approach --methodical and broadly scientific --that brought Lemon to the attention of the government, whose drive for rearmament was stalling.
Chapters address government procurement and industry production of tanks from disarmament after the First World War to the period of rearmament, the relationship between government and industry during wartime, the requirements of the British General Staff for tank production, the effects of tank production on factory workers, technical developments in the industry, and international influences on British production.
He also wants the Constitution amended to permit full rearmament, even though military spending has already risen steadily.
Outbreak of World War II due to German rearmament, Winston Churchill.
Sargsyan stressed that the steps on modernization and rearmament of the Armenian army will be continued.
In the mid-1930s, Britain's response to the acceleration of Germany's rearmament and the threat of war had been to appease rather than confront Hitler and his generals.