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car window that allows vision out of the back of the car

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A sticker on the rear window of her other car, a VW Jetta, reads: "Faster than a smackhead's giro.
Detective Inspector Louise Birchall said: "At the present time it appears a firearm has been discharged through the rear window of a property.
In the latest speeding incident, a radar caught a man driving so fast that his rear window actually slipped off.
HONLEY | The rear window of a Volvo bus was smashed at Honley High School on Station Road at 2.
From the long bonnet, a silhouette emerges that flows across the long stretch of roof with its sporty curve into the powerful rear of the Estate with its dynamically designed rear window.
The roof is designed to look reptilian and the scales continue across the rear window.
Sabic contributed its Lexan PC glazing materials, advanced coatings technology, and engineering design expertise The concept's rear window utilizes Sabic's Exatec E9000 plasma coating for glasslike scratch and UV resistance.
The arrests were made following several complaints by residents, who found their valuables stolen from parked cars with its rear windows smashed in.
1 pounds, even though the rear window is over one millimetre thicker than the production glass window it replaces.
The new model features a wide bar in place of the B-pillars aft of the doors, a movable roof section above the driver and passenger, and a wrap-around rear window.
Just like the legendary original Targa model, the new model features the characteristic wide bar in place of the B-pillars, a movable roof section above the front seats and a wraparound rear window with no C-pillar.
The rear window of the red Citroen C4 was smashed and the bike was taken near Glanrafon Terrace on the A4086 in Nant Peris.
Descriptive Video Service (DVS) Theatrical and Rear Window Captioning, developed by the Media Access Group at Boston public broadcaster WGBH, are designed to make theaters accessible to audiences with disabilities the day and date films debut.
SAN JOSE: An AFP photographer accused a bodyguard on Sunday of shooting out the rear window of his SUV outside Brazilian top model Gisele Bundchen s wedding soiree in Costa Rica.
Amongst the car's more interesting features is the wraparound rear window that improves visibility by doing away with one of the D-pillars which allows for panoramic views out the rear window, aiding parking.