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  • verb

Synonyms for reappear

to happen again or repeatedly


Synonyms for reappear

appear again

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And that is just the website, which has obviously been designed by someone who knows the 1950s animation work of the Canadian Film Board: lots of big dots and numbers appearing, reappearing and, of course, hiding.
He speaks almost no Russian, and is lost amid a strange land--an old woman steals his shoes, smugglers stash contraband under his bunk, and a beautiful woman rescues him from disaster yet mysteriously keeps reappearing, leading him to fear that she is with the KGB.
Instead, he asserts, the disks evolve "spasmodically" perhaps all but vanishing and then reappearing after a major collision generates a fresh supply of dust.
Replace the desiccant when you begin seeing sings of moisture reappearing in the ammo compartment.
Several chapters follow upon previous articles by the same author, now reappearing in a somewhat expanded form.
From the tenants' perspective, McKee noted with resignation, "It's always the same small landlords, never the big firms, who keep reappearing every year, and yet somehow they manage to keep their heads above water and be at the meeting the next year.
One man keeps reappearing, reading a sentence or two about the doings of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, from a newspaper.