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  • verb

Synonyms for reappear

to happen again or repeatedly


Synonyms for reappear

appear again

References in classic literature ?
At ten minutes to eleven in the evening, the electric light reappeared three miles to windward of the frigate, as pure, as intense as during the preceding night.
Catherine reappeared, bearing a tray of knives and forks.
He was concealed by this time behind another tree trunk; but he must have been watching me closely, for as soon as I began to move in his direction he reappeared and took a step to meet me.
But around Easter this year, the beach reappeared, (https://www.
According to the report, only 103 of those reported to have been subject to an enforced disappearance reappeared later, while the whereabouts of the remaining people are still unknown.
CAPS BULLET THEN PIANO A DOG that was feared to have been snatched from its home has reappeared after its owner launched an online campaign to find it.
Louis was given his P45 back in 2007, but - like the baddie in a film who seems defeated but then makes you jump by suddenly reappearing for another round of fighting - he suddenly reappeared for another round of fighting.
The more frequently a pattern had reappeared, the more accurate test participants could label the corresponding image", Axmacher summarizes the findings.
After the Gazette got involved, first the expensive vintage carriage mysteriously reappeared at the farm.
A QUARMBY man has reappeared before Huddersfield magistrates accused of harassing three women.
CDATA[ Tuesday BaShvat, the aNew Year of Trees marked by tree planting towards winteras end, reappeared in Gush Etzion on Lag BaOmer.
A teenager who attracted thousands of pilgrims in 2005 by meditating for 10 months, reportedly without food and water, has reappeared in southern Nepal, police said Tuesday.
One of their group, Blake, mysteriously disappeared after his freshman year, then reappeared in his senior year.
On October 3, 2006, Jim Loney reappeared in the press, this time for offering to stand surety for a Canadian Muslim who has been jailed since 2001 with being a communications agent for Al Qaeda ("Loney to stand surety for Jaballah," 24 Hours, Globe and Mail, Oct.
Finn said Mofford reappeared with three other men and again picked a fight.