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Synonyms for reappearance

a repeated occurrence

Synonyms for reappearance

the event of something appearing again

the act of someone appearing again


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I should not myself have attached any importance to the circumstance, if it had not been recalled to my mind, some months later, by the reappearance of the man with the beard at one of the most tragic moments of this case.
Today, with Levin's reappearance, a fresh source of anxiety arose.
With that, as if to change the theme, he led the astounded locksmith back to the night of the Maypole highwayman, to the robbery of Edward Chester, to the reappearance of the man at Mrs Rudge's house, and to all the strange circumstances which afterwards occurred.
A light appeared under the door; this light announced the reappearance of her jailers.
The men of that generation watched for his reappearance, in sunshine and in twilight, but never saw him more, nor knew when his funeral passed, nor where his gravestone was.
I was not looking for a secretaryship at all, or anything of the sort, but I chanced to hear his history one night, and I was curious to analyze, so far as possible, his attitude towards life and his fellows, on his reappearance in it.
I don't like this reappearance of Miss Jethro," she said.
I'm so glad to see it once more," said Anne, on the first evening of its reappearance.
With what impatience must the Selenites wait the reappearance of the orb of day.
She came to Europe willingly - long before this Brott would have been her slave save for your reappearance.