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  • verb

Synonyms for reappear

to happen again or repeatedly


Synonyms for reappear

appear again

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Some will reappear as workers for the out-sourced contractors on zero hours and minimum wages.
Washington, Dec 06 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that while the human brain is in a resting state, patterns of neuronal activity which are associated to specific memories may spontaneously reappear and such recurrences contribute to the stabilization of memory contents.
Cepauskas did not reappear at crown court and as soon as we were notified by the courts of this we conducted extensive enquiries in an effort to track him down.
Summary: The dust clouds will reappear in the country today, and temperatures are expected to fall as unstable weather conditions continue this weekend.
With all the free parking and a slight alteration to the town centre bus service to include Southgate after it calls at Kingsgate and, most of all, incentive from the council I am sure the shops will reappear.
Cooper said yesterday that Arkle winner Forpadydeplasterer, who missed Leopardstown's Christmas meeting after being cast in his box, will reappear in either the Tied Cottage Chase at Punchestown or, more likely, the Red Mills Chase at Gowran Park on February 13.
Antares will reappear up to an hour or more later from behind the sharper bright limb, with the Moon now higher in the southeastern sky.
Devout believers Andy Moore and his companion Stephanie must put their faith to the test, as biblical miracles reappear in the End Times and God's grace and power manifests upon the earth to do battle against Evil.
I continued across the gully hoping the route might reappear and found myself clawing through a tangle of shrubby yellow cedar.
Usually you can now reopen the water valves and watch for the leak or drip to reappear.
The trio were ordered to reappear at Birmingham Crown Court on April 19.
The trio were ordered to reappear at Birmingham Crown Court for a plea and case management hearing on April 19.
But, as the burst of painting during the '80s clearly demonstrated, it can take several generations for innovations to reappear in surprising, even opportunistic, ways (and "generations" in today's art world are of increasingly brief duration).
A tiny mammal that lived in Colorado about 150 million years ago had hollow teeth that lacked enamel, a characteristic that didn't reappear in mammals for another 100 million years.
I want to make it disappear, I want to make it reappear.