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Synonyms for reap

Synonyms for reap

to collect ripe crops

Synonyms for reap

gather, as of natural products

get or derive


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The autumn equinox encourages us to reap the harvest of all our hard work, to enjoy the fruits of our labour and to take some time to mark the passing from summer into autumn.
administrations, which for decades propped up Arab dictators and ignored their human rights abuses, only to reap the harvest represented by al Qaida and Saddam Hussein.
THE cee'd is growing-and a different group of people will soon be able to reap the harvest.
Those governments will reap the harvest for their support and for those they kill.
If mortality gains are our preeminent source of potential profitability, only underwriters on the proverbial cutting edge dare hope to navigate the field of risks and thus reap the harvest.
But I hope it doesn't come to that and we're able to reap the harvest in the first 90 minutes.
Now let us all reap the harvest and eat the fruit which has finally ripened and continues to get sweeter and sweeter.
Now we have to get it into the marketplace and reap the harvest.
Since this is the government's proclaimed aACAyBudget of the People', the onus will be on the administration to ensure that the masses are beneficiaries and that it's not the country's elite who will reap the harvest of government patronage.
What should be done now is for us to find good seeds of cooperation and sow them, leaving the next generations to reap the harvest.