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Synonyms for reamer

a squeezer with a conical ridged center that is used for squeezing juice from citrus fruit

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a drill that is used to shape or enlarge holes

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Product Sub-Category : Hss taper shank machine reamer
This can be accomplished with a special throater offered by reamer manufacturers.
When we started, we didn't have any radio background, but Angel and I had been working together as business consultants," says Reamer, "Our first day on the air, we were almost late for the show because we got caught in traffic, but after that first show, we both took off our headphones with the clear vision that we wanted to be national radio hosts.
Increasing the reamer size by 1 mm over the isthmus size will double the collected bone debris volume.
As for chambers, good gunsmiths use minimum-spec reamers made by top machinists like Manson and Pacific Tool & Gauge.
Reamer recognizes that an information capability that connects individual postsecondary programs and careers has become essential for understanding middle-skill job opportunities.
Surgeries was performed by 3 surgeons in same hospital and the first surgeon was trained for rigid reamer and the second surgeon for flexible and the third was trained for both techniques.
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp (Dover, OH) offers a complete range of ALVAN expandable precision reamers for high volume production wherever high quality, tight tolerances, or superior finish is critical.
Before beginning the cut, I take a cartridge and lay it beside my reamer so that it closely follows the shape of the reamer.
Our initial cut is done with a standard chambering reamer turned by hand before the barrel is installed in the receiver.
launched the Dual Connection Offset Acetabular Reamer Driver.
Upstate Shredding is acquiring Reamer Recycling Inc.
From the Purdue Reamer Club, a student organization at Purdue U.
The series' FC cutters are sealed bearing and compensated components with advanced cutting structures for outstanding performance in hole opener and reamer applications.
INROCK[R]'s NEW, *PATENTED XTR[R]-S EXTREME REAMER featuring a revolutionary, proprietary, field interchangeable cutter design allowing drillers to easily change cutters, both tungsten carbide insert (TCI) and milled tooth (MT) on job site, in minutes, without any welding, XTR[R]-S cutters (TCI & MT) manufactured by INROCK[R].