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Synonyms for realm

Synonyms for realm

an area within which something or someone exists, acts, or has influence or power

Synonyms for realm

a domain in which something is dominant

the domain ruled by a king or queen


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a knowledge domain that you are interested in or are communicating about

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The company believes that the unique features of the Nova Realm City community validates FTFT's equity position in Nova Realm.
NET technologies are the fastest growing segment in the Realm community over the last six months, more than doubling the growth of comparable stacks, said Alexander Stigsen, co-founder and CEO, Realm.
For companies using mobile apps to extend their existing business and brand, the Realm Data Integration API is an ideal way to connect the apps with their existing systems and processes.
Following on from its latest launch of Realm Xamarin, a reactive database for .
This collaboration with MIT that integrates their stable and secure card payment platform to Dynamics AX for Retail is a milestone for Retail Realm in Mexico," said Andrea Vesga, Retail Realm's Director of Sales for LATAM.
The acquisition of REALM offers R&M access to the world's most important network cabling market, allowing us to serve customers on each continent with high-end network solutions for the LAN, data centre and Public Network markets," says Michel Riva, CEO of R&M.
The first priority is to ensure that existing and new Retail Realm Partners and Resellers are fully conversant with and ready to sell and install "Microsoft Dynamics Retail Essentials with Retail Realm".
to see a photo of the Assassin from the official website of "Shadow Realms.
San Leon Energy plc (AIM:SLE), an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, has signed a contract with Realm Energy International.
Moves to upgrade the public realm, with pedestrianisation and renovated piazzas, again enhanced contiguities and a sense of place, but were particularly concerned with improving the experiential qualities of urban life, if not quite with its social and psychological roles as described by Jacobs and Sennett.
The idea that religion and morals are to be relegated to the private realm and that public decisions are to be free of any kind of "contamination" resulting from contact with a particular religion might appear to have biblical support.
With next-generation structure and strategically allied partnerships, Nelnet's ability to provide institutions with innovative solutions in the realm of collections, cash management, e-commerce, e-recruitment, and predictive modeling continues to remain unparalleled.
Angarred travels to Pergodi, the capital of the realm, to seek out the King to gain vengeance for her father.
the realm of God); rather, the parables present an alternative reality that serves as a counterbalance to actual reality.
When you dance, you are not one, but four distinct beings, dancing in four different energetic bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and the realm of your spirit.