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Synonyms for really

Synonyms for really

Synonyms for really

in accordance with truth or fact or reality

in actual fact


in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers)

used as intensifiers

References in classic literature ?
Gentlemen, the Duke does really feel the bitterness about the curse that he uttered just now.
I don't mind telling you, Father, because it's really more defending the poor Duke than giving him away.
said little Hans, rather sorrowfully, for it was really a very big basket, and he knew that if he filled it he would have no flowers left for the market and he was very anxious to get his silver buttons back.
Well, really,' answered the Miller, 'as I have given you my wheelbarrow, I don't think that it is much to ask you for a few flowers.
Then," said Villefort, more and more amazed, and really supposing he was speaking to a mystic or a madman, "you consider yourself as one of those extraordinary beings whom you have mentioned?
The moment I met you I saw that you were quite unconscious of what you really are, of what you really might be.
Could he really say what they were, after one short visit?
I think it's because Ruby is really so CONSCIOUS of boys.
I don't believe in imagining things different from what they really are," retorted Marilla.
But, whatever might really be its limits, it was enough, when perceived by his sister, to make her uneasy, and at the same time, (which was still more common,) to make her uncivil.
It seemed to Prince Andrew that the officer's remark was just and that really no answer could be made to it.
You see, he wasn't really to blame, after all, that he happened to see you when I'd dressed you up so pretty that day, Aunt Polly," she finished wistfully.
If he were quite sincere, if he really tried to come, it was to be inferred that Mrs.
after the first passion of her loss, the immediate ache of her young beauty had passed, and I was able to analyse what I really felt, I not only agreed with him, I thanked God for the Major-General
And the altruistic virtues have really prevented the carrying out of this aim.