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a new apportionment (especially a new apportionment of congressional seats in the United States on the basis of census results)

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SUMMARY: The Commission will consider a Memorandum Opinion and Order concerning an Application for Review filed by CCR-Sierra Vista IV, LLC seeking review of a Media Bureau reallotment decision.
Swank, 2011) Variations in taxes entail a resource reallotment effect: the shadow production boosts, whereas the official production slows down.
A reallotment of endeavor toward collaboration necessitates the social consensus within the provider entity of whatever procedures, practices, and standards are demanded to guarantee the advantages of cooperation.
The court had ordered the reallotment of 122 cancelled licences through auction in the judgment.
Karsten's involvement with Padang started in 1930 when Ouwerkerk sent him a small reallotment plan for the mayor's house for correction.
Tenders are invited for Periodical Services And Essential Services To Vacated Qtrs Before Reallotment At Cgra, Dad And Chicolna Vilage Under Age B/R Ii Of Ge Nw Vasco
THE SUPREME Court ( SC) on Friday sought explanation from the government on its decision against auctioning the entire spectrum which became available for reallotment after the cancellation of 122 2G licences.