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allocate, distribute, or apportion anew


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The solution, Hensarling and Garrett write, is for the SEC to reallocate existing agency resources "to immediately increase the amount" of RIA exams.
The Fund is taking steps to reallocate funds from such traditional sectors as oil and gas, transport and communications, infrastructure and energy, nuclear industry to developing industries such as chemical and petrochemical industry, construction, mining sector, engineering," Shukeyev said.
But now the council's planning committee has voted to reallocate the cash to sports projects elsewhere in the area after it was discovered Highfield Hall is not large enough and lacked enough public access to justify the cost.
Foreign affiliates with positive net working capital positions were the most likely to increase their repatriations that year, suggesting that these affiliates used trade credit arrangements to reallocate capital prior to the tax holiday.
India-based Reliance Industries Limited (Reliance Industries) (BSE: 500325) has asked the Indian government to reallocate gas allotted to two NTPC Limited's (BSE: 532555) power plants, according to the Economic Times.
In three months, the Department will review the success of the enforcement campaign and reallocate resources as needed to continue to ensure compliance with the law.
Server captive data is difficult to protect, reallocate, share and reproduce when it's kept on disk drives within individual servers.
Johnson made an investment in the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company that helps exiting employees easily reallocate their 401(k) or 403(b) investments into tax-deferred IRA accounts.
It became standard operating procedure for the chief financial officer to pore over spending reports across the organization, question the need to refill open positions when they emerged, and study job functions for opportunities to streamline work and reallocate resources.
The commercial wireless companies, through a lot of legal and lobbying muscle, persuaded many at the FCC to reduce the size of the ITFS band and reallocate the reclaimed spectrum through auctions for new services.
Top performers monitor the performance of all investments supporting a strategy, and stand ready to reallocate capital if a strategy seems to be failing.
Further, ACA will reallocate capacity in the north-east to expand service into Delta's Cincinnati hub.
Since the provinces have smaller budgets than the Ministry of Arts, and are under pressure to reallocate funds to community projects and nontraditional art, the existing companies would have to be lucky or extremely wily to keep subsidies at current levels.
Opsware automates the complete IT lifecycle and enables IT to automatically discover, provision, patch, configure, secure, change, scale, audit, recover, consolidate, migrate, and reallocate servers, network devices and applications.
In Donald today, Minister for Water Peter Walsh said the Victorian Coalition Government had reached an agreement with the Commonwealth to reallocate $2 million from the Pipeline to firefighting infrastructure, such as tanks and hydrants.