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Synonyms for realization

Synonyms for realization

the condition of being fulfilled

the condition of being in full force or operation

one's artistic conception as shown by the way in which something such as a dramatic role or musical composition is rendered

Synonyms for realization

coming to understand something clearly and distinctly

making real or giving the appearance of reality

a musical composition that has been completed or enriched by someone other than the composer

a sale in order to obtain money (as a sale of stock or a sale of the estate of a bankrupt person) or the money so obtained

the completion or enrichment of a piece of music left sparsely notated by a composer


something that is made real or concrete

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With the quiet relinquishment of this long-cherished dream, eagerness for the realization of an even more precious one took possession of her.
Phaidor's pleasure had been due to her realization of what this last cruel blow would mean to me, as well as to a partial satisfaction of her jealous hatred for the Princess of Helium.
It must have been an hour after Perry had succumbed that I at last came to the realization that I could no longer carry on this unequal struggle against the inevitable.
Then it was that I came to myself and to a realization of my duty.
Werper suddenly came to a full realization of the magnitude of the injury of which Tarzan was a victim.
When he awoke to a realization of their peril it was also to discover that his motor had stalled.
His heart ached for the son that he might no longer seek to save--that and the realization of Jane's suffering were all that weighed upon his brave spirit in these that he thought his last moments of life.
The creature before her realized it, too, for he moved cautiously, though swiftly, to intercept her, as a Rugby fullback might maneuver in the realization that he alone stood between the opposing team and a touchdown.
Futilely she beat upon the heavy planks with her delicate hands, calling aloud to Bududreen to release her, but there was no reply, and with the realization of the hopelessness of her position she dropped back to the deck, and returned to her stateroom.
It is rather an alteration of perspective, a shifting of our sense of proportion, a vivid realization that we are insignificant and evanescent creatures, existing on sufferance and at the mercy of the first chill wind from the unknown.
Without any clearness of concept, nevertheless Jerry had a realization that they were as painfully circumstanced as himself.
To resign the one cherished purpose of my life, when I had suffered so much in pursuing it, and when I had (to all appearance) so nearly reached the realization of my hopes, was putting to a hard trial a woman's fortitude and a woman's sense of duty.
No, some other method of punishment must be found to bring Anne to a proper realization of the enormity of her offense.
She bore her burden of humiliation bitterly for several days, until she was suddenly comforted by a realization that Cyrus had ceased to persecute her.
Between Barbicane's proposition and its realization no true Yankee would have allowed even the semblance of a difficulty to be possible.