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Synonyms for realizable

capable of being realized

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capable of existing or taking place or proving true

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Declaration by the tenderer that, no later than the technical acceptance by an irrevocable, unconditional bank guarantee to eliminate defects during the warranty period realizable at the first request in the amount of 25 000,00 EUR, valid for at least 18 months from the date of the technical acceptance.
Among life insurers, many chief executives enjoyed significant gains in realizable compensation in 2012.
In contrast to pay opportunity, realizable pay is the actual cash bonus paid, the in-the-money value of stock options, the real value of restricted stock, plus the payout of performance plans.
If it becomes probable that the asset will not be acquired or constructed, capitalized costs in excess of the net realizable value of the entity's interest in the asset are charged to expense.
When calculating the net realizable value of assets, the Service uses "quick sale value" (QSV) (80% of fair market value).
developing a logical and realizable integration strategy for master information and key transactional data as a "stand-alone" customer relationship management implementation;
The acquisition) would have created realizable cost savings for the U.
Several valuation bases were described in the FASB DM, including the present value of future cash flows, the sum of undiscounted future cash flows, current market value and net realizable value.
Although I question whether Axtell's objective of "disinterested" history is fully realizable, Beyond 1492 offers profound and thought-provoking discussion of issues that are central to the historian's craft.
Real, physically realizable materials will always produce values higher than 1, but can approach this value when properly selected.
Written by the partners and consultants of Pay Governance, LLC, an independent executive compensation advisory firm, this new book finds close alignment of a company's stock price performance with realizable CEO pay.
The market value formula used in this case was essentially a hybrid method that calculated the value of unbottled whiskey by interpolating a value between the whiskey's production cost (using the cost of reproduction method) and the whiskey's net realizable value (using the comparative sales method).
The preferred valuation basis for assets should be net realizable value because such values are readily observable in the market and understandable to users, avoid arbitrary cost allocations, are easily comparable and help with performance assessments.
Pay Governance found strong alignment of a company's TSR with realizable CEO pay.
The amounts reported as assets should be amortized over the estimated benefit period based on the proportion of current-period revenue from the advertising to probable remaining future revenue, subject to a test of net realizable values.