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Hence, the emphasis that Dick Hebdige's seminal Subculture (1979) and Halberstam's In a Queer Time and Place (2005) put on the radicalism of performativity is displaced by the reality principle of subcultural materialism.
After first setting out, he learns that knights need to be self-sufficient, and briefly seeks the money that will help him succeed (that reality principle, again).
The job of the ego, in other words, is not to conquer pleasure with the reality principle, but to mediate the pleasure principle, to make it an object as well as an agent, to employ its own energy to nurture, protect and prolong itself.
Reason, order, and the reality principle dominate society, while impulse and the body remain abject.
Although he gestures toward the future emergence of a "nonrepressive reality principle," I think this needs to be read in terms of his reworking of the basic Freudian point that the development of sexuality is always tied up with (historically specific) social relations.
Reality principle and the stability of the representations investment, based the Aristotelian logic because the stable investment of representations ensure the stability of the identity of objects.
Their presence added to the carnivalesque atmosphere and served as a reminder that a field trip from school to the theatre, like the journey from Athens to the forest, provides, as Harajuku does for the cos-play, a temporary refuge from the reality principle.
Frequently misrepresented by art historians as a mere "style" of art or as a defunct movement (though they never seem to agree on the date of its "death") surrealism was, and remains, a total assault on the entire reality principle of capitalist society.
The Ego operates on the Reality Principle, which is defined as the capacity to delay gratification.
The reality principle supersedes the pleasure principle: man learns to give up momentary, uncertain, and destructive pleasure for delayed, restrained, but 'assured' pleasure" (13).
We can define the different stages of the child's development according to the degree in which the pleasure principle predominates over the reality principle.
It sounds as if David Rieff is struggling with his personal conflict between the reality principle (Hobbesian world, most people self-interested most of the time, fixed notion of human nature) and the left-wing worldview that he has obviously internalized to the bone.
Friedman refers to ``the only reality principle left'' - that of the United States getting directly involved - with military force, if necessary, and bringing about real peace in the area.