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Synonyms for realistic

Synonyms for realistic

accurately representing what is depicted or described

described verbally in sharp and accurate detail

Synonyms for realistic

aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are

representing what is real


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1 After painting a realistic landscape onto the background, artists construct the floor.
Students will role-play as a development team and work together to analyze and create a plan to respond to a hypothetical Urban Development Authority Request for Proposal (RFP), affording them hands-on experience in deriving realistic solutions to land use and community design challenges.
Going back to realistic expectations, providers are not able to give each resident 24-hour, one-on-one attention, care, and monitoring.
Role-play scripts and scenarios are designed to provide the best and most realistic training within the limitations of time and personnel available.
Traditional financial reporting and risk measurement techniques are no longer sufficient for realistic risk measurement.
Subsetting can be used to create much smaller, yet realistic, test databases.
Only half of professional fundraisers participating in the study believe that their boards of directors "have realistic expectations of fundraising," and most feel that integrating fundraising activities within an organization and having boards with realistic expectations will dramatically improve the effectiveness of fundraising.
If employment at a work location is realistically expected to exceed one year or there is no realistic expectation that the employment will last for one year or less, it is not temporary, regardless of whether it actually exceeds one year.
The first lesson taught students how to draw a realistic portrait.
Their modeling differs from previous experiments by including a more complex, realistic representation of the mantle's viscosity, or stickiness.
The realistic possibility standard supersedes the "reasonable basis" test that was thought to be an ineffective ethical guideline because it set such a low threshold.
It allows engineers to replicate and predict realistic physical behavior of complex systems where the interactions of fluid and structural responses are significant.
Thompson said younger viewers are familiar with digital imagery, realistic or otherwise, while older viewers are still getting used to the idea of animation as more than lush, moving illustrations.
Army is using a visualization system powered by an SGI[R] Onyx[R] 3400 high-performance graphics system to create highly realistic training simulations that will help prepare troops for effective decision-making in foreign conflict zones.