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a philosopher who believes that universals are real and exist independently of anyone thinking of them

a person who accepts the world as it literally is and deals with it accordingly

a painter who represents the world realistically and not in an idealized or romantic style

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This highlighted the ineffectiveness of the UNSC in preventing conflict, and strongly supported realist thinkers that there is no supranational authority capable of wielding overwhelming power.
Their work surfaced in the 1970s to become a significant challenge to political realist theory in international politics and became foundational to current theories that have been categorised as liberalism, neoliberalism and liberal institutionalism.
And now he and his realist colleagues are dealing not only with the ire and fury of a warlike president but a sense of deja vu: They had been heartened by George W.
3) Ama her halukarda, bugune kadarki neoklasik realist eserler, yapisal realizmin aksine uluslararasi politikanin genelinden ziyade belli devletlerin belli donemlerdeki dis politikasini aciklama amacini tasimistir.
According to early left realist scholars, proponents of left idealism were too idealistic, future-oriented, and unwilling to work within existing systems to effect change.
Because the realist knows that he must work with such elemental forces rather than against them, he also knows, for example, that order comes before freedom, and interests come before values.
She argues that these conventions call attention to the constructedness of reality in the Victorian realist novel while simultaneously disappearing into the reality they help to construct.
Bush talked the realist line, arguing as a candidate for a "humble" foreign policy and against "nation-building.
Because the most plausible realist view was offered by Husserl.
All of these points were driven home to me almost twenty years ago when I was teaching at the University of Texas and had the opportunity to talk at some length with my colleague, the late great Professor Charles Alan Wright, then the President of the American Law Institute (ALI) and the senior author of perhaps the most important and influential treatise in American law of the past half-century, Federal Practice and Procedure, (2) Wright seemed a quintessential "doctrinalist," perhaps the greatest and most influential of his generation, and yet he was also an unabashed Legal Realist.
However, the amplification of the realist novel toward naturalism at the end of the nineteenth century was, in many cases, parallel to the gradual exorcising of the supernatural from the cosmos through the advance of scientific explanations--this disenchantment of nature and man pushed the larger religious vision of reality into the realms of fantasy, dreams, intoxication, and madness (at the same time as the symbolist movement developed religious and mystique tendencies (5)).
That division contrasts liberal and realist views of the world.
We reviewed and discussed the importance of accuracy and measurement in realist paintings.
The Archive Project: The Realist Film Unit in Cold War Australia
Schor states: "My argument is not only that without curiosity there would never be any such thing as the realist novel, but that it was the novel that brought the modern feminist subject into being" (2).