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a philosopher who believes that universals are real and exist independently of anyone thinking of them

a person who accepts the world as it literally is and deals with it accordingly

a painter who represents the world realistically and not in an idealized or romantic style

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But this argument can easily be rebutted by a realist employment of complex property-instances.
However, the amplification of the realist novel toward naturalism at the end of the nineteenth century was, in many cases, parallel to the gradual exorcising of the supernatural from the cosmos through the advance of scientific explanations--this disenchantment of nature and man pushed the larger religious vision of reality into the realms of fantasy, dreams, intoxication, and madness (at the same time as the symbolist movement developed religious and mystique tendencies (5)).
Russian President Vladimir Putin's realist stance has won ground.
The final paintings looked super, and a lesson about realist and super-realist artists followed.
Subsequent chapters outline a realist approach to sampling in qualitative research (drawn from critical and scientific realism), including the basics of a realist strategy of choosing cases and the internal and external causal powers; purposive work and how presuppositions affect the choice of cases; how a realist strategy differs from constructed and typical cases and how cases are transformed in research; the methodological strategy of casing to work out the relation between ideas and evidence to extend interpretation and explanation in the research; the key methodological debates from the first part in consideration of sample size, along with the realist strategy; and choosing cases using this approach.
She acknowledges predecessors of magic realist cinema in the region through a list of some "anti-realist" films, including Czech New Wave, Surrealist, and Expressionist cinema, as identified by Dina Iordanova.
It was, after all, realists who decried Wilson's international League that would make the world "safe for democracy;" realists who warned against placing too much hope in the United Nations; and realists who doubted he U.
151), Kissane proceeds to unravel the fallacies of the realist narrative of international affairs.
Pulmonary disease brings about a very ordinary end to Cane's extraordinary life, but in so doing, it demonstrates a truth with which realist writers were routinely obliged to grapple.
Yet while Wilson unfailingly couched his actions in moralistic language, his decision to involve America in World War I in 1917--rather than much sooner, as Theodore Roosevelt urged--can be seen as a classic realist maneuver.
This is not the plea of a victim but the view of a realist.
Freud was known for his realist portraits including ones of the Queen, Jerry Hall and Kate Moss - the last two he painted nude.
What counts for him is not throwing the baby out with the bathwater by dismissing the realist position altogether.
Here is the realist claim that it is the competing claims-the unresolved tensions--that keep society pluralist and individuals flee.
The most popular of these forms of 'selective scepticism', as Chakravartty calls it, are entity realism, which prescribes that we be realist only about those unobservable entities with which we can interact causally, and structural realism, by which we can be realists only about whatever aspects of reality are described by the mathematical part of our scientific theories and preserved across theory change--at least as a limiting case.