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Synonyms for realise

convert into cash

expand or complete (a part in a piece of baroque music) by supplying the harmonies indicated in the figured bass


make real or concrete

be fully aware or cognizant of

References in classic literature ?
No one who lived in modern Russia could possibly realise his perfection except by pain.
It will be what the Greeks sought for, but could not, except in Thought, realise completely, because they had slaves, and fed them; it will be what the Renaissance sought for, but could not realise completely except in Art, because they had slaves, and starved them.
It does not matter what he is, as long as he realises the perfection of the soul that is within him.
7548 projets industriels declares, qui totalisent 236 milles emplois, n'ont pas ete realises entre 2005 et 2015, soit une moyenne de non-realisation de 600 projets par an, revele une etude de l'Agence de promotion de l'Industrie et de l'Innovation (APII), sur " les difficultes de realisation des projets et problemes de fermeture des entreprises en Tunisie : Perspectives d'amelioration des taux de realisation et la perennisation des entreprises".
Cette moyenne a connu un pic de hausse en 2011 (plus que 900 projets non realises par an), suite a la revolution et aux problemes socio-economiques qui ont resulte, indique l'etude de l'APII qui n'est qu'a sa premiere phase.