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a rare soft orange mineral consisting of arsenic sulphide

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Realgar and the Double Fifth are commonly associated with the expulsion of demons, while cinnabaris, croton seed, and red bean appear in later imperial medical texts mentioned as curing agents for gudu in general.
The preceding data and argument, together with the absence of imported arsenic-bearing ores such as realgar and orpiment at any of the Sican smelting sites we excavated or surveyed, question the earlier argument of externally derived sulfarsenide ores and smelting technology.
We identified realgar in soils 1, 3, 4, and 11 and arsenopyrite in soils 4 and 7.
Corriente remite a realgar y dice que ambas "son evoluciones semanticas de la acepcion del estandar, q.
Tony was also offering picropharmacolite with realgar from the White Caps mine, Manhattan, Nye County, Nevada.
A Chinese text from the 9th century describes how a mixture of sulfur, realgar (sulfur and arsenic), saltpeter, and honey ignited when heated.
9) Combustions: burning flames, torches, goats, shooting-stars, ejected shooting stars, aurora borealis (blood-red colors, chasms), comets (tracking and trailing), milky way; condensations: upper (rain, snow, hail), lower (dew, frost); emanations: rivers (from the various mountains), interchange of sea and land, sea (source and salinity), winds (from the various points of the compass), earthquakes, tidal waves; violent atmospheric phenomena: thunder, lightening, hurricanes, whirlwinds, firewinds and thunderbolts; reflections: haloes, rainbows, sun-dogs, mock-suns and rods; minerals: realgar, ochre, ruddle, sulphur, cinnabar; metals: iron, gold, copper.
Such are the kinds of stones that cannot be melted, and realgar, and ochre, and ruddle, and sulphur [.
Specialists known as vendecolori (color sellers), a profession unique to Venice, played a crucial role in stimulating color experiments by introducing many new pigments, such as the yellow orpiment and reddish-orange realgar that became the signature hues of Venetian painting.
Some of the common minerals in soils are arsenopyrite (FeAsS), mispickel (FeSAs), orpiment (As2S3) and realgar (AsS).
RON Smyth's 13 to 1 chance Only For Jo and Ian Jenkinson land the Manchester H'cap to sink a wee touch on John Sutcliffe's Realgar (E Hide).
Yellow arsenic sulfide is known as the mineral orpiment (hartal in Hindu), while realgar is the red arsenious sulfide, though the former is considered the true arsenicum in the arsenal of the ancient poisoner's trade.
Acidity (Peter Bailey) is the 11-1 favourite for the Manchester Handicap at Doncaster at the weekend, with Realgar (John Sutcliffe snr) and Saint Paul (Michael Jarvis) at 12-1.
Arsenic market is a highly dependent segment of the global economy - the material is recovered from processing of nonferrous ores or concentrates and is a byproduct of gold mining from orpiment and realgar.