real-time processing

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data processing fast enough to keep up with an outside process

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Pinnacle Systems first introduced real-time processing with the release of CineWave version 1.
ECS Cash Office Imaging Service Offers Real-Time Processing and Risk Mitigation Without Significant POS Investment
We will continue to invest our energy and capital in building closer relationships with providers and delivering innovative, real-time processing solutions that support a simpler reimbursement process.
The Phoenix VPF1 Dual PowerPC, Dual Virtex-II Pro FPGA VME/VXS Digital Signal Processors will run the signal processing algorithm as well as perform real-time processing of the sensor data.
This system combines the real-time processing power of the 32-bit DSP chip with high performance analog and digital functions, at an attractive price.
This will be achieved by the implementation of a new payment scheme based on a near real-time processing model.
This partnership will combine Forte Systems' Practice Management Software with real-time processing, including eligibility verification, pre-certifications, pre-authorizations and referrals, electronic claims submission, and credit card/electronic check processing.
With a number of top-tier banks in the process of major core transformation, this report analyses the business case for moving from batch to real-time processing, evaluating the customer, business and IT benefits and assessing the impact of regulation and compliance requirements as a driver for change.
Spectrum's commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) SDR-4000 platform provides DSC with high performance real-time processing in a low power, small form factor configuration ideal for our laser RADAR," said Ken Belsley, Chief Scientist at DSC.
markets Objectivity/DB to ISVs, OEMs and end-users for real-time processing of complex information, document and process management, scientific computing and complex defense and security applications.
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