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informal usage attributing authenticity

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At first glance they jewelry appears to be the genuine, real stuff that has been used for thousands of years in countries all over the world to make jewelry--gold.
He added: "The fact that we can point to PS600 million being spent on New Street and the runway extension it is not as if we are talking about future developments - we have got some real stuff under construction.
when the game got cancelled on Saturday, now the real stuff starts.
The team found out that the gang used corn silk, which was coloured red and mixed with a small amount of original saffron to make it look and smell like the real stuff.
They're pretty keen to get into the real stuff and we've got three games in seven days now so it should be good," Hussey said.
oh, he's out of ear shot already, so I'll say the real stuff now.
Hopefully, they will all go out there and make it as tough as it possibly can for me to leave them out for when the real stuff starts.
Pierre Louys, by way of contrast, is the real stuff.
Within the content of a collective musical effort featuring some of the top salsa musicians from Puerto Rico--under the musical direction of pianist Ceferino Caban--and showcasing the vocal talents of veteran singers Hector Rey (Salsa Fever), Jaime "Mengui" Rivera (La Solucion), and Mannix Martinez (La Sonora Poncena), a repertoire of 10 original scores justify that this is the real stuff, salsa dura.
That means the 4-4-2 formation could be put aside for the time being with suggestions that Capello is prepared to switch to a 4-5-1 or 3-5-2 formation in the penultimate friendly before the real stuff begins in South Africa.
The 24-year-old added: "It's the greatest time in my life, but of course there were some issues after the baby that I dealt with, and you get to see the real stuff on season two.
Ogallala Bay Rum--the real stuff cowboys slapped on to smell grand after a bath and a shave, following months on the trail.
Gardening with children seems to come and go in the elementary curriculum and with the emphasis totally on test scores these days, perhaps teaching real stuff is a lost art; however, in a downturned economy, perhaps it is something worth reviving as a survival strategy.
And in his essay "The Real Stuff," Richard Mabey argues against Intelligent Design and asks, "Isn't this something to have faith in?
I'll admit rather sheepishly that I do, on occasion, reach for margarine instead of the real stuff in the morning.