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the main memory in a virtual memory system

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We found the savings from using the packed form are small (generally less than 10% of the real storage requirement).
MC63 Zeros Identifier Used Exploited Real Storage (*[10.
For MA62, we give the real storage requirements for storing the lower triangular matrix [F.
The numbers in parentheses are the real storage needed if the packed form for [F.
At SNW, we'll demonstrate iSCSI over multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports reaching real storage transfer rates that are as fast over the network as local storage.
NET Magazine and SQL Server Magazine editors, and this win underscores the international recognition of a solution that truly addresses real storage issues that small and medium-sized businesses face in today's IT environment.
Since CentricStor replaces the direct link to the real storage peripherals, upgrading to the latest drive technology without affecting the host systems and applications poses no problems.
It further underscores the value of a solution that truly addresses real storage issues that small and medium-sized businesses face in today's IT environment.
According to Ron Bianchini, Spinnaker Networks' President and CEO, "This new round of funding reflects the excitement in the investment community about the innovative way in which Spinnaker's solution will solve real storage management and scalability issues for enterprise IT organizations.
a leader in the development of system-on-silicon solutions for storage networking applications, is partnering with industry leaders to demonstrate real storage applications running over an IP-based SAN at this week's Storage Networking World show in Palm Desert, California.
We believe that Isilon has a unique product that will enable content delivery and hosting companies to solve real storage problems facing the industry today.
Amdahl Technology Group (ATG), a division of Amdahl(R) Corporation, today announced that Amdahl Coupling Control Code(TM) (ACCC), running on Millennium(TM) servers has broken the S/390 architecture limit of two gigabytes of available real storage.
By using Amdahl-unique ACCC extensions, global organizations gain the ability to address up to one terabyte of real storage in a single system, resulting in increased value, capacity, and performance for Parallel Sysplex environments.
ACCC Extended Real Addressing dramatically boosts the addressable real storage in a S/390 architecture well beyond its 2-gigabyte current limit to up to one terabyte," said David West, vice president, Systems Marketing at Amdahl Technology Group.