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However, in work that astonished the mathematicians of his day, the Russian-born Georg Cantor proved in 1873 that the real numbers (all the numbers that make up the number line) form a bigger infinity than the counting numbers do.
For any random real number x [greater than or equal to] 3 and given real number k (k > 0), we have the asymptotic formula:
No matter how hard we search, we will be unable to find a real number x which satisfies this equation.
When you look at the real number of cops on the streets on a 24-hour clock, seven days a week, it's right in the realm of 5,000 cops or less (in the county),'' Baca said.
Over the last few days, more than 50,000 fans have dialled the digits - only to be stunned to find it's a real number.
We think the real number is maybe twice that," he adds.
1/3] is a well-defined real number with the value -2.
During meeting with Transitional President Roza Otunbaeva, who visited Osh, she said around 200 people died and that the real number can be 10 times higher.
The phone number on the papers, we called and it was not a real number.
Let s [greater than or equal to] 0 be a real number, then for all real numbers x > 0,
describes the development of the real number system as it relates to subjects in higher mathematics such as abstract algebra, number theory, and analysis.
Hamblen said the real number for the 76ers might have been somewhere closer to 34.
Instructions on getting a real number will be provided through users' videophones.
Then for any real number s [less than or equal to] 0, the infinite series (1) is divergent; For any real number s > 0, the series (1) is convergent, and
Let k be any real number with k > 0, then for any real number x [greater than or equal to] 1, we have the asymptotic formula: