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The important thing is that these numbers can be represented as points on a number line (the real number line) with zero at the centre, positive numbers to the right of zero and negative numbers to the left.
Esono Eyang pointed out that there are civil servants who have not been registered, but have been convened by the census commission: We want to know the real number of users.
We will use the same method presented in the first part of this paper: Let N be any real number.
s], and s [member of] {1, 2} are real numbers, and w = [w.
29] redefines the velocity equation of the particle and particle position update equation based on Boolean algebra instead of the method to create a mapping between real number velocity and discrete particle position.
For any real number x > 2, from [4] we have the asymptotic formula
And there are concerns that the real number of sex attacks that go unpunished could be far higher - because of a culture of fear that prevents many women reporting their ordeals.
For numbers on the real number line, there is a definite sense of order.
I think that the real number of jobless has peaked," he said, adding that this hope is supported by seasonal influences that will arrive.
The group said the real number of executions that had taken place was likely to be much higher than the official figure.
So far this year there have been 12 deaths classified as suicide, but said the real number was almost certainly far higher.
If it is a real number, but funds come from a different name, or 50 names, shouldn't SS become at least a bit suspicious?
I think that style has got to be the real number one thing that a skater needs to worry about these days.
Probably most of those in this position felt that the most truthful answer available to the question of whether they had ever taken a pledge was No, since otherwise they would be counted as abstinent when they were not--suggesting that the real number of consistent pledgers may be less than 7%, since some who were no longer abstinent would have decided that the best of the poor choice of answers was Yes.
After all, the real number line is an infinitely long, continuous expanse, while the counting numbers are just isolated milestones along this line.