real estate broker

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a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land

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Silver Partner: Provident Real Estate Broker, Aston Pearl Real Estate Broker, Better Homes LLC, Zooma Properties Est, Clarke And Scott Real Estate Broker, Vanguard Real Estate Brokers and Livinstyle Reality.
The reason this form is so important is that it ensures that a real estate broker accurately describes who they are representing in a transaction, and details the responsibilities that accompany the agency relationship.
In testimony before the House Banking Subcommittee on Housing and Community Development, HUD declared that it would interpret RESPA as allowing real estate brokers to take fees for originating mortgages if they don't restrict the mortgages offered to just one lender.
A licensed real estate broker, she will be based in Warburg's 654 Madison Avenue office.
Jackie Cooper, a Houston real estate broker, says the biggest stumbling block to most sellers who want to trade up, but who have found that their homes are worth less than what they paid, is being realistic about the market.
As a real estate broker, he has placed over $5 billion in mortgage financings and equity.
an attorney and real estate broker from Northridge; Ruth Richter, a BMW motorcycle dealer from Winnetka; and Kathleen Sterling, a publisher from Agoura Hills.
Because a real estate broker should be aware of a lender's criteria for providing financing, the broker can guide the building owner and manager to eliminate red flags and rectify the kinds of obstacles noted thus far in this article.
Rencarge is a licensed real estate broker and is also a member of the Industrial and Office Real Estate Broker Association (IOREBA) and CoreNet Global.
He left IBM in 1968 after scraping together $3,000 to start EIC Group, a real estate broker firm.
Sherman Oaks real estate broker Jeff Brain plans to formally announce today that he will challenge City Councilman Mike Feuer in the April 1997 election for the 5th Council District.
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