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Payne's new at real estate, an' I'll make 'm split his commission an' get the easiest terms ever.
Real estate is well up, and I could afford you a pretty handsome price.
Old Colonel Raleigh had come to Lincoln from Kentucky and invested an inherited fortune in real estate, at the time of inflated prices.
True -- I had forgot it, so lost was I in planning of a huge war with Gaul" -- he was up by this time, but a farm could have got up quicker, if there was any kind of a boom in real estate -- "and right-so a thought came randoming overthwart this majestic dream the which --"
They called it railroading, high finance, banking, wholesaling, real estate, and such things, but the point was that they got it, while she got what was left,--twenty-two cents.
wrote to their lawyer in New Orleans, who attached the real estate (these two articles and a lot of plantation hands formed the most valuable part of it), and wrote word to that effect to New York.
He was an old bachelor, and possessed of great wealth, in addition to the house and real estate which constituted what remained of the ancient Pyncheon property.
Railroads, he explained gravely, interested him as little as lumber, real estate, or mining.
At all events, his losses must be great, for his real estates were sold, and I became the lawful purchaser.
During the past decade real estate has become an increasingly important sector of the nation's economy," Elliott noted.
Intramerica Real Estate Group is a leading real estate investor and operator, acquiring real estate investments either directly or with joint venture partners.
With the economic recession of 1990-1991 nearing, real estate fundamentals had taken a plunge and the various many financial institutions that had lent to real estate investors found themselves reeling--and even going bankrupt--in the face of an ugly wave of defaulted loans.
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