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admit anew

admit again or anew

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While Abe said that readmitting the rebels had nothing to do with the House of Councillors election next year, it is widely believed that the LDP has timed the move for that purpose because most of the rebels have strong support bases in their constituencies.
A common procedure is laid down for readmitting illegal immigrants and there are rules on transit, costs incurred, data protection, an implementing committee and bilateral accords with individual member states.
WEST Midlands MEP Michael Cashman was one of just two party members to vote against readmitting Ken Livingstone to the Labour Party.
The LDP has paved the way for readmitting the rebels, most of whom have firm support bases in their constituencies, apparently to get their support in the upcoming upper house election expected to be an uphill battle for the LDP, which falls short of a majority in the chamber.
We also recognise the distress that this situation has caused among the parents of our pupils who have had to organise childcare to cover the delay in readmitting pupils.