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written material intended to be read

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Clerics belonging to the state-supervised Muttahida Ulema Board have also been taken on board before making public the reading material aimed at educating children about how to protect themselves from paedophiles, he told media here on Friday.
Not providing Hindi reading material on board is against Indian government's policy for official language", Lalit Gupta, joint director general, DGCA, said in a letter to airlines.
Contract notice: Delivery of school books, reading materials, workbooks GS, O.
While in the lounge, passengers can download their chosen reading material by entering their name and flight number.
Under the initiative, suitable books are distributed to children living in areas with limited, or no access, to reading material due to constraints such as difficult social conditions, natural disasters, conflict and unrest.
SNAP Learning's new "Books & Collections" library comprises nearly 500 English and Spanish titles, and was developed to provide supplemental, grade specific, reading material in History/Social Science and Science topics.
Also results from the Student Questionnaire showed that students were only sometimes able to choose reading material at their level (n = 16, 52%), which could have affected students' abilities to engage during independent reading.
The jail does not have a library, and officials confirmed that the only reading materials its 450 inmates have are paperback Bibles.
They were taught along with the supporting reading material selected from the print media for improving reading skills.
Adding to this trend is the fact that book prices have tumbled as more consumers use the Internet and other sources to fulfill their reading material needs.
CNIB announced Clear Print, international print clarity standards for printed materials and web sites, to make reading material more accessible to all Canadians from fully sighted individuals to aging and low-vision readers.
Voices And Votes is very strongly recommended reading material for students and adults for its invaluable, "reader friendly" format providing an accessible reference for Wisconsin's political history.
But on the flip side, both dudes were writing from prison, and I know from experience some prisons are shittier than others about reading material they'll let slide to their inmates.
libraries for information on reading material and other internal matters since October 2001.