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a clinic for people with reading disabilities

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As part of the course, she has established a reading clinic in the local school district for students who struggle with reading.
A professor in the Languages and Literacy Department heads the Reading Clinic at the Liberty University.
The "Garfield" was administered at the beginning of the Reading Clinic program (6/15) and at the end of the program (7/15).
We opened a remedial reading clinic that was in several locations in the Valley.
Harkins is assistant professor of reading and director of the Developmental and Diagnostic Reading Clinic.
Michael Kibby's class, Remediation of Reading Difficulties 1, students progress through a Web-based tutorial of simulated case studies that allow them to practice and clarify diagnostic techniques before encountering actual children in the university's reading clinic.
Outreach clinics include a satellite program for the highly successful University of Utah Reading Clinic as well as the Education Assessment and School Support Clinic.
SuHua Huang, Laurann Whisnand, Samantha Cobb and Leann Curry report on the effectiveness of a program operating under the umbrella of a university reading clinic.
Attendees may also make a donation to The Reading Clinic, Inc, at purchase.
A $16,000 grant to the Fitchburg State College Foundation will fund a summer reading clinic.
Focusing on the pragmatic but also considering the theoretical, they describe childhood literacy, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, cross-language literacy, struggling adolescent readers, family literacy, informal learning, and diversity, and include lessons learned about diagnostic teaching from the front lines, namely, a reading clinic.
The case discussed in this article is that of a young boy who attended a university reading clinic for assistance with his literacy.
If they are not satisfied, they should seek professional help from a reading specialist or reading clinic.
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