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adapt anew

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adjust anew


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The walk has been organised by drug and alcohol charity Cais to launch its Change Step scheme to help veterans readapt to civilian life.
Allen's inclusion at the expense of Joe Screen, who struggled to readapt to the demands of top-flight racing, gives Bees a more solid look in their middle-order and should take some pressure off Grzegorz Zengota - and they should always be guaranteed two strong reserves.
The program has traditionally been used to readapt prisoners to work situations and to teach usable skills prior to release.
They want to keep Lexington the way it is," Teodoro says, adding that the city is trying to restore and readapt its historic buildings as much as possible.
To underscore, the New Hampshire economy benefits significantly from these CEOs of manufacturing companies in New Hampshire that have taken the risks, not just sat around crossing their fingers and just waited for the recession to be over--but those that have taken that time to readapt their business model and find ways to add value to their customer.
on the one hand, to those traditions of inquiry and expression where our civilization, indeed any civilization, places its own presiding assumptions, rituals, and sentiments under the most searching intellectual scrutiny in the act of giving them formal realization; they refer, on the other, to those critical methods in which civilizations attempt to repossess t hose traditions of understanding inherited from the past and readapt them to the changing needs of the present and the future by developing the arts and sciences of appropriate response to them.
When power relations between two groups are overwhelmingly portrayed by intra-group trendsetters as having transformed for the better, group members may be motivated to recognize the 'significant Other's' historicity and to readapt pre-given historical visions to these changing realities of inter-group dynamics, thereby rendering their boundaries more porous and open to the 'significant Other'.
He's not taken long to readapt to the conventions of the Premier League.
Given how human nature always breeds fear and suspicion of the unknown, it will take as long again for us to readapt and make it work, meaning we must build bridges not walls
I believe that is down to the fact that he has not played for such a long time and that his body has to readapt again.
Chronic fatigue syndrome: a systematic review, Ann Readapt Med Phys.
But in people who suffer from debarkation sickness, the brain never seems to readapt.
She feels similarly pointless since returning from the dead: she cannot readapt to life on earth and calls for her sister to return her to her own death.
Luftmenschen," Schwara writes, "is a designation on the one hand for a particular segment of the poor among the east European Jewish population, for people who had managed to make a living prior to the setting in of industrialization, but now each day had to readapt from scratch, constantly changing their manner of trade.