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adapt anew

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adjust anew


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As bureaucracies, some of these IOs readapt to the changing international environment, providing an enhanced space for emerging countries, but they are selective about the norms to be internalized.
He said: "It's what everybody goes through when you come back to Earth's atmosphere and your body has to readapt.
Supermarkets have to readapt to the changing marketplace, and especially in a small town, implement strategies to keep consumers from traversing elsewhere to shop, says Dr.
In the meantime, Veldman's team will consult with the community to brainstorm on how best to readapt the 100-year-old industrial property.
Due to all of this as well as due to the growing influence of domestic factors and business circles, diplomats have to readapt.
The legs will be freely given to partnering mobility units in Banjul (Gambia) and Dakar (Senegal), which have; the facilities and expertise to readapt them to fit their amputee recipient at no cost.
The homecoming plot accompanies and echoes Persuasions romantic plot; while the novel's satiric episodes are most concerned with the proper social positions of naval officers, the homecoming plot establishes whether, and how, those individuals will be able to readapt themselves to domestic life.
e] control will readapt to compensate for this and increase efficiency.
The company's management decided to readapt and use the hall of "Kikoteks" for launch of the production.
Evidently, this intervention must be complemented with psychological counseling to the families about how to readapt to the new situation.
This centrifugation-produced artificial gravity hypothesis has not been tested on a manned space craft and Allen and colleagues [6] speculated that long term exposure to sustained continuous centrifugation may negatively affect how astronauts readapt to Earth or Mars gravity.
Even if the same respondents encountered problems when trying to readapt back to home culture, the severity of problems was generally not high.
And since such machines impose a different vital rhythm and a whole different praxis, there will emerge the need to readapt that will necessarily have, as a consequence, a new individual and collective alienation.