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in a legible manner

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The affect of Karachi's deteriorating law and order situation has been not readably noticed on properties in other parts of the country.
Never shown to be attached or to have any relationships of any kind, other than that with Courtland and his secretary, La Salle is one of the more readably queer personae in De Palma's work.
The CDT is considered normal if all numbers are present in the correct sequence and position, and the hands readably display the requested time (Borson et al.
She writes clearly and readably, no mean achievement given the complexity of much of the material.
This structure readably scaffolds some very complex ideas: anyone starting from page one would be well prepared to assess the "Issues" chapters' wide-ranging claims.
When we consider the extensive original materials to which Taylor has had access, we can understand how it is that this very detailed, and yet readably accessible, chronological account of the life of Chiang Kai-shek is a substantial addition to the literature on modern China.
Goeglein also readably integrates the intriguing personal relationships he forged with conservative founders like William E Buckley Jr.
Thus a very large portion of the original Bavinck is captured in this compact work, making it readily and readably available to any college or seminary student, as well as the Sunday afternoon lay reader.
They were writers who did their research and dressed it up very readably, and.
This is now readably remedied by Jane Hathaway, in The Arab Lands Under Ottoman Rule, 1516-1800 (Pearson, 2008).
It is more readably contestable and likely to be contested.
In 250 questions, all accurately and readably answered, using non-technical language and bang-up-to-date illustrations, this book guides the reader through the cosmos, from the earliest times and the most basic principles, to the more exotic discoveries and theories of modern times.
In the words of George Horace Lorimer, renowned editor of the Post from 1899-1936, the Post's primary mission has been "to interpret America to itself, always readably, but constructively.
93) For example, until very recently, much more information could be readably presented on a single piece of paper than on a computer monitor.
Based on this behavior, combining figure 7c and 8c, the effective fiber length readably ranges from 20 mm to 40 mm in which corresponds to fiber content 0.