read between the lines

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read what is implied but not expressed on the surface

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Combining historic band footage, candid interviews with Martin, Bryan, Paul and John, and live footage shot throughout this summer's Soundtrack Of Your Summer tour, read between the lines is a dream come true for fans, who can relive the excitement of the band's live performances, access exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and backstage footage, and experience personalized accounts of Boys Like Girls' rise to fame.
Yet to savvy fans who could read between the lines, clues to Keene's leanings have always been present.
With minimal character development and no real backstory, you are forced to read between the lines and never get to know the characters deeply.
You have to be careful and read between the lines and find out exactly what she's talking about," says Janet Bass, spokeswoman at American Federation of Teachers.
Australians read between the lines," he explained to his new audience.
I read between the lines, looking for solutions and strategies, as he describes several bleak and eroding systems.
Though I have not seen the movie, I'll bet that, if you read between the lines, you'll discover that Yimou has included commentary about present life in China that has slipped by the government censors.
It's amazing how many people can't read between the lines.