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an electrical device used to introduce reactance into a circuit

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The conference addressed issues related to the operation, maintenance, utilization, safety, security, ageing management, decommissioning, spent fuel and waste management of research reactors.
Competitive landscape, including market share analysis of nuclear reactor pressure vessel and head suppliers for the covered countries.
on Friday filed for state safety assessments on two more reactors, raising the number of units in Japan seeking to restart operation to 12 after the new safety requirements were introduced earlier this week.
The school is planning to renovate the reactor site for "unrestricted use," Ms.
MONDAY, MARCH 14 A fresh explosion destroys the building of reactor No3.
The first equation expresses the total mass balance of the chemical solution in the reactor.
Recommendation: To resolve remaining security weaknesses at foreign research reactors that use HEU fuel, the Secretary of Energy should direct the Administrator of NNSA to, while continuing to emphasize and accelerate NNSA efforts to convert reactors to LEU fuel use and return HEU fuel to its country of origin, work with foreign government officials and research reactor operators in countries where security upgrades are in progress or have been completed to ensure that security policies and procedures, including those for emergency response to security incidents, fully meet IAEA guidelines.
power reactors, water is used to slow down the neutrons so that they can be effectively captured by the uranium nuclei and this process can proceed.
But during a run from July 14 through July 26, 1959, workers experienced problems with the reactor overheating.
The cycle has always been a focus of concern, from the potential hazards of uranium mining operations, through the processing of uranium into fuel, to the controlled fission process in the reactor core, and finally to the disposal or reprocessing of the fuel and related waste products.
At present the Russian pulsed reactor YAGUAR is the best neutron source for performing such a measurement.
There scientists discovered something startling: mineral evidence of a naturally occurring nuclear fission reactor that had spontaneously sprung to life almost 2 billion years ago and operated for hundreds of thousands of years.
The timeline begins in 1951, when the National Reactor Testing Station in Idaho used the world's first nuclear-provided electricity to light one of its buildings.
This would assign reactor personnel the duty of rushing directly to the shutdown equipment located throughout the reactor complex to shut down the reactors manually, and would potentially take place in station areas affected by smoke, fire, and radiation and possibly under attack by terrorists.
It is said to be unique in making highly homogenous multi-monomer resins or bimodal homopolymers in a single reactor.
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