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ready susceptibility to chemical change

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sup][1] However, considerable interindividual variability in platelet reactivity has been observed during clopidogrel therapy: patients with a low response to clopidogrel tend to have high on-clopidogrel platelet reactivity (HPR) and ischemic adverse events,[sup][2],[3] whereas patients exhibiting a high response to clopidogrel typically have low on-clopidogrel platelet reactivity (LPR) and adverse bleeding events.
Heightened cognitive reactivity to normal, transient changes in sad mood is an established marker of vulnerability to depression and is considered an important target for interventions.
It is possible that this high degree of nonspecific reactivity may be related to particular staining conditions in our laboratory, because in the two prior publications nonspecific reactivity of p-Napsin A in mucinous carcinomas was significant but not universal.
Characteristic feature of the steady state deterioration consists in reactivity change that, according to the safety technological regulation requirements, represents a signal for boron regulation starting.
ADAPT-DES is the largest study ever to explore the overall treatment implications of platelet reactivity on patient outcomes after successful coronary drug-eluting stent implantation.
In order to implement preventive measures, it is extremely important to identify antibody reactivity before significant tissue damage has occurred.
On the other hand, primed negative mood was not associated with cognitive reactivity or dysfunctional attitudes in responders.
1) This drug is taken to reduce platelet reactivity, which can lead to heart attack, stroke, and death.
Their topics include copper dioxygenases, energy conversion and conservation by cytochrome oxidases, the structure and reactivity of copper-oxygen species revealed by competitive oxygen-18 isotope effects, chemical reactivity in copper active-oxygen complexes, supramolecular copper dioxygen chemistry, and organic synthetic methods using copper oxygen chemistry.
These hypertension risk factors (hypoalgesia and cardiovascular reactivity) are related each other: a reduction on pain sensitivity commonly appear on those individuals that exhibit an exaggerated cardiovascular reactivity evoked by stress (Burns, Bruehl, & Caceres, 2004; Caceres & Burns, 1997; Duschek, Schwarzkopf, & Schandry, 2008; Edwards, et al.
These data points become the database upon which a Product Weighted Maximum Incremental Reactivity rulemaking is based and which ultimately result in stricter air quality standards for the regulated products.
The highest expression of AChE reactivity was noticeable in the hippocampus of adult rats followed by old and young animals.
STOCKHOLM -- Adding cilostazol to a standard, dual-antiplatelet therapy regimen significantly cut platelet reactivity in patients, especially in those with diabetes, in a controlled study with 80 patients.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian researchers at Yasouj University in collaboration with their colleagues at Shiraz University managed to identify the resonance structures of carbon nanotubes and estimate the reactivity of these compounds.