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extremely conservative

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Information Minister added that coexistence with the backward example led by the Muslim Brotherhood is not possible, adding ''When we speak of reconciliation, dialogue and tolerance, we mean all Syrian citizens without exception, but when we talk about national, progressive and leftist powers, this does not include the backward and reactionist powers.
Rechniewski shows with clarity how Symbolist experiments, embodied by Symbolism's dominant figure, Stephane Mallarme, may actually be read as reactionist, defending art from the intrusion of the masses and detaching it from the reality of day-to-day life.
There was also considerable public antipathy toward Prime Minister Kishi -- a Class-A war criminal -- for his reactionist persona and high-handed political style.
However, the so-called progressive environment, the Baathists and the reactionist environment of the Arab world were all against having a secular state in Lebanon.