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Synonyms for reactionary

Synonyms for reactionary

vehemently, often fanatically opposing progress or reform

clinging to obsolete ideas

a person who vehemently, often fanatically opposes progress and favors return to a previous condition

Synonyms for reactionary

extremely conservative

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He reiterated that the destructive effects of state terrorism which is supported by Saudi Arabia and the US as well as some reactionary countries of the region can be seen in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen as well as some European countries.
When Lilla presents the revolutionary and reactionary attitudes as two stances toward what is called "history," the two approaches seem to cancel one another out.
The Islamic Ummah understands very well that the terrorists and extremists follow exactly the same goals the regional reactionary regimes and hegemonist powers, particularly the Zionist regime, are trying to achieve.
A reactionary distinguishes himself or herself from the movement conservative by being committed and uncompromising to a degree that discomforts the latter.
modes of reactionary rhetoric during the mid-1960s.
Islamic reactionary social movements have taken the most pernicious forms of' European anti-Semitism and fused them into their political and theological ideology to delegitimize and demonize Israel.
Those listed also include individuals who attended private educational institutions, including both regular schools and exam preparation schools, which are "suspected of having links to reactionary activities," as well as residents of private university dorms owned and run by those institutions.
of Washington) offer this analysis of the Tea Party in the historical context of right-wing reactionary movements, suggesting that rather than being traditionally conservative, the Tea Party holds more in common with overtly prejudiced movements of the past, wishing to turn back the clock on social diversification that is perceived as a threat to the "old America.
I guess that makes me a dangerous reactionary extremist.
Rightly or wrongly I can only assume that Stephen Dorril is a left wing reactionary if my views on renewable energy and global warming have so rattled him.
The Communist and Workers Parties condemned the role of the Justice and Development Party government in Turkey, the NATO's main base in the region, in supporting the reactionary factions, particularly those operate in the name of religion, and their attacks against Syria.
The puerile LDP proposal with no thought to infrastructure and now the caustic threat of a congestion charge have unwittingly demonstrated that misguided, reactionary politics rule.
The writer offers a strenuously reactionary, old-space take on what nonprofit theatres are supposed to be doing with taxpayers' money, which the writer implies is being funneled into a covert sympathy with the Far Left.
Using a reactionary form of the old colorblind ideal of a society free from racial oppression, they have declared that our society must no longer see race at all-especially not in continued patterns of mistreatment and definitely not as a basis for remedial efforts.
ISTANBUL, Mar 22, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish President Abdullah Gul on Tuesday said the country's needed a new constitution, adding that past constitutions in the country had all been made in what he said "in a reactionary environment.