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Synonyms for reactionary

Synonyms for reactionary

vehemently, often fanatically opposing progress or reform

clinging to obsolete ideas

a person who vehemently, often fanatically opposes progress and favors return to a previous condition

Synonyms for reactionary

extremely conservative

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The reactionary does not become a conservative except in ages which maintain something worthy of being conserved.
modes of reactionary rhetoric during the mid-1960s.
Islamic reactionary social movements have taken the most pernicious forms of' European anti-Semitism and fused them into their political and theological ideology to delegitimize and demonize Israel.
Those listed also include individuals who attended private educational institutions, including both regular schools and exam preparation schools, which are "suspected of having links to reactionary activities," as well as residents of private university dorms owned and run by those institutions.
of Washington) offer this analysis of the Tea Party in the historical context of right-wing reactionary movements, suggesting that rather than being traditionally conservative, the Tea Party holds more in common with overtly prejudiced movements of the past, wishing to turn back the clock on social diversification that is perceived as a threat to the "old America.
I guess that makes me a dangerous reactionary extremist.
Rightly or wrongly I can only assume that Stephen Dorril is a left wing reactionary if my views on renewable energy and global warming have so rattled him.
It added that the imperialist intelligence circles and some of the Arab reactionary countries, particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia, fund the armed groups which carry out heinous terrorist attacks and assassinations in Syria which claim the life of hundreds of innocents.
The puerile LDP proposal with no thought to infrastructure and now the caustic threat of a congestion charge have unwittingly demonstrated that misguided, reactionary politics rule.
ISTANBUL, Mar 22, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish President Abdullah Gul on Tuesday said the country's needed a new constitution, adding that past constitutions in the country had all been made in what he said "in a reactionary environment.
The Islamic Consultative Assembly warns the US statesmen not to interfere in Iraq's elections," he said, and cautioned Washington to refrain from aiding reactionary elements with interference in Iraq's elections.
It is Gomez Davila's most sustained attempt to explain his own unique intellectual position, that of an "authentic reactionary.
This time around, people from every line of thought--from those who naively hoped that under the existing repressive theocracy they might have the chance to vote for the lesser of the evil candidates, to those who had no illusions about the reactionary nature of the regime but wished to see any level of change toward moderation--poured into the streets.
By Alberto Cruz Aa With the connivance, acquiescence and approval of the United Nations, Europe the United States and reactionary Arab governments, Israel is engaged in a campaign of extermination, a holocaust against the Palestinians.
All genuine communist forces should come together as reactionary and regressive forces have joined hands.