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Synonyms for reactionary

Synonyms for reactionary

vehemently, often fanatically opposing progress or reform

clinging to obsolete ideas

a person who vehemently, often fanatically opposes progress and favors return to a previous condition

Synonyms for reactionary

extremely conservative

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One does not have to be a "sufferer" of nostalgia, as Lilla describes the reactionaries, to see that publicly decapitating political opponents (including even friends of the revolution) was, as we might say nowadays, an overreach.
Idealization, it seems, is not limited to reactionaries or revolutionaries.
To be sure, government doesn't work--certainly not when it's in the hands of reactionaries who have no desire for it to work.
Of course, it shouldn't go unnoticed that the Bushite reactionaries are selective free marketeers.
But when the vast power of the federal apparatus passed on Inauguration Day 2001 to Southern reactionaries and their allies, it gave the Southern oligarchs their chance to threaten the peace and well-being of America.
Reactionaries promise to bring back the stability and order of the past, while liberals--ever on the defensive--are reluctant to name what lies beneath this stability, let alone to actively set forth an agenda for radical change.
Popucrats and the press were able to portray only superstitious reactionaries straight out of the Middle Ages as fighting the self-evidently humane and necessary goal of tripling world government spending on birth prevention to $17 billion a year.
His bizarre routines, eccentric objects, and impractical projects are among the salient embodiments of what cultural reactionaries from Jesse Helms to Martha Bayles would condemn as the sickness of contemporary art.
Lukacs has well described the partisans of the anti-German Right as old-fashioned patriots, reactionaries in whom honor and decency were deeply engrained.
It was at that moment that he began consciously to identify himself with patricians whom those lower on the social scale routinely denounced as reactionaries.
Then, depending on just how offensive the guests' views are to their hosts' enlightened sensibilities, the unsuspecting reactionaries either are or are not plied with poisoned wine.
Reactionaries at least had the courage of their convictions, and here's a queer's translation of all their sound and fury: Clinton typified draftdodging liberals who had once been soft on communism, and now it was no surprise they just couldn't help being soft on sodomy, too.
By the late 1950s, reactionaries like Harvard sociologist Edward Banfield were reintroducing new versions of sociohistorical racism into the intellectual mainstream--and distinguishing their arguments from narrow, biological definitions of race to cry foul against those who correctly identified the gambit.